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Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ FRONTIERSMAN calling it “a break from the norm.” Available now.



Frontiersman #1 (Image Comics)

Frontiersman #3 is published by Image Comics, written by Patrick Kindlon and illustrated by Marco Ferrari.

Print copies are available now. Digital copies will available to download from the usual content providers.


As villains conspire against him behind the scenes, Frontiersman battles a lunatic in front of the world. A live, on-camera fight to the death with a former hero gone rogue! There is no place to hide!


What at first seems to be a straight forward help the eco warriors exercise rapidly turns into a knightmare for our aging hero. Past foes return to one again darken our hero’s path in a confrontation that most definitely isn’t wanted. His dark past is haunting him and taking him unwittingly back to the life he once lived, one things for sure this certainly won’t be a peaceful protest.

Patrick Kindlon writes an interesting take on the superhero format that we normally know. Frontiersman seems to be a reluctant hero dragged out of retirement to fight the fight once again. I’m enjoying the journey so far as we see the story of Frontiersman gather pace and grow with each issue. I particularly like how we are shown the back story of the titular Frontiersman so we can understand why he is the way he is. It’s great to have a superhero story that is a break from the norm.

I like the art style of Marco Ferrari, he brings a unique blend of power and action to the illustrations allowing the reader to engage their imagination and feel part of the story.


What started off as a bit of a slow burner is certainly now a story arc that I am interested to see how it progresses further with all the signs there that we may be surprised who Frontiersman actually is, I’m certainly looking forward to see where the creative team take this.

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