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Dave reviews the first issue of Mad Cave Studios THE LAST SESSION calling it a “feel good read” and perfect for gamers.



The Last Session #1 (Mad Cave Studios)

The Last Session #1 is published by Mad Cave Studios, written by Jasmine Walls, illustrated by Dozerdraws and lettered by Micah Myers.

Print copies are available 1st December 2021 either directly from Mad Cave Studios or from your local comic book store. Digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Roll for initiative!
Jay, Lana, Drew, Walter, and Shen have played Dice & Deathtraps together since high school. Now, on the verge of graduating college and scattering, they’ve decided to finally complete their unfinished first campaign. But when Jay’s partner Cassandra joins as a new player, Lana’s afraid the party won’t ever finish their quest…


A simple game of D&D, I don’t think that was a phrase that has ever been uttered and this particular game seems to be trickier than most (the name of this D&D has been changed for obvious reasons).

The story introduces us to a group of young high school friends with different hopes and dreams for the future, they decide to start a dice game to kill the boredom and some time, the game takes slightly longer than they thought well about four years longer to be precise. As graduation looms the group decides to get back together to finally end this epic dice campaign but with the introduction of another member things may not quite go to plan.

As a fan of dice games from my youth (and still today although I have less time now) this particular story appealed to me as soon as saw the post on Mad Cave Studios social media page, I’ll admit it’s not my usual blood and guts foray but it’s a story that I needed to see. I wasn’t disappointed as Jasmine Walls, another new writer for me, has brought a feel good adventure between friends that explores the meaning of companionship and the importance of a god friendship group that will have your back – even in a dice game. What has started off light hearted has a potential to go slightly dark if you read between the lines that something unexpected could change the path completely, thanks to the writing of Jasmine and the charmingly simplistic illustrations from Dozerdraws I am fully invested in yet another unique comic series from Mad Cave and I am looking forward to see what is coming.


A comic perfect for those looking for a bit of a feel good read, also perfect if you are partial to a dice game or two this will definitely be up your street.

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