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Marc reviewing the latest issue of Image Comics THAT TEXAS BLOOD calling the creative team “two of the most talented young people in comics.”



That Texas Blood #7 (Image Comics)

Published by Image Comics, That Texas Blood #12 is written by Chris Condon with art and a cover by Jacob Phillips.

Print copies are available now either direct from Image Comics or from your local comic book shops. Digital copies will also be available to download from the usual content providers.


“EVERSAUL, 1981,” Part Six
The “EVERSAUL, 1981” storyline ENDS here! Joe Bob wrestles the ghosts of the past as he recounts the frightening conclusion of the Cult of Night’s ritual.


Well. The end of That Texas Blood’s second arc has drawn to a close. Both Condon and Phillips have shown how far they have come. Condon inhabits his characters, giving each their own unique voice and personalities, while Phillips effortlessly give the characters and the settings life and emotion.

Condon wraps this story satisfactorily, which is no easy feat in comics! The case is solved, but to my delight, seeds are also sown. It was a thrilling neo western noir story with this arc being stronger than the last, part due to the fact that both creators have improved, but also because of the quality and detail in each issue. Condon easily flits between his characters with easy flowing and engaging dialogue, and even displays his prowess in other forms in the detailed back matter. My favourite line came from the back matter in a letter Vy sends to Joe Bob describing Ambrose County – “too much of the awful, not enough of the good”.

The pacing and panelling of the silent sequences are a testament to sequential storytelling. They were so good that I could hear the musical score and beats in my own head! There is one 3 page sequence where Joe Bob is driving to the old Wellman house in which the panels are stacked 3 high, then 4, then 5 which ramps up the tension. Phillips also experiments with colouring – the flashbacks being in less detailed, darker and faded like Joe Bob’s memory of the time, and the present being bright and vivid as Joe Bob lives in the moment. It is a subtle yet genius choice by the artist which only adds to the story.


Look, I have raved about this book since issue 1. How can guys this relatively young and new to comics be this good? There is no doubt that these are two of the most talented young people in comics right now. I sincerely hope that this book continues. If not, then I hope both creators go on to do the great things I envision for them. I’ll be there every step of the way. If you haven’t yet, read this book and come along for the ride.



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