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Vizor Games Unleashes Krumagal Character To BLOOD OF HEROES Update

Vizor Games has unleashed a brand new update to the Open Beta of upcoming free-to-play PVP melee action game, BLOOD OF HEROES.



Blood of Heroes (Vizor Games)

Vizor Games has unleashed the latest update to the Open Beta of its upcoming free-to-play PvP melee action game Blood of Heroes. The developers are excited to showcase the game’s newest combatant, Krumagal, marking his entrance into the multiplayer arena with a special Days of the Hunt event on November 18. If worthy of his presence, players can see Krumagal now on, where they can also check out the latest additions to mechanics and gameplay.

A powerful magic-wielder who is just as adept at using a blade to its full lethal potential, Krumagal brings a definite mean streak with him into the Blood of Heroes world as he leaves a literal trail of blood in his wake. Ideal in a supporting role to his allies, he can thwart enemy efforts using his abilities and dash away from danger thanks to his quick and nimble movements.

Blood of Heroes project director Dmitry Voronov elaborates on Krumagal’s appearance in the game: “Our new hero, Krumagal, represents the game’s nastier side and brings it to a whole new level. He’s a brutal sorcerer and a merciless executioner all right, he leaves carnage wherever he goes, so don’t let his looks fool you: he’s eyeless, not blind. The old-school crowd may remember him from the earlier days—long time no see!” To give Krumagal a grand entrance, the special Days of the Hunt event will begin on November 18 and run until December 3.

Those who join the hunt can expect to be rewarded for their efforts.

● The entry-level quest Unholy Strength will guide players through the basics; participants will receive a three-day Premium subscription when they collect the reward

● The more complex Trail of the Cursed requires some serious dedication, but rewards the faithful with an epic Witherer skin as soon as Krumagal is unlocked

● Those who drop out mid-quest will still get a chance to win prizes, even if they call off their hunt because their mortal lives as mere humans are interfering with their questing Krumagal is not the only addition in this update though. As he emerges out of the darkness, some important new features have also been added:

● AI-controlled bots have been added to help players hone their skills, provide in-fight support, and sub in for a teammate dropping out to keep it a fair fight

● Warbands can include up to five heroes, making for even more powerful alliances

● Further improvements to game balance include blocks soaking damage, heavy attacks draining more stamina, and dodging attacks hitting harder

● Personal gameplay statistics: players can see stats like their success rate so they can show off their skills

● Previous battles will not be counted, giving everyone the opportunity to erase past failures and retell their own legend as an all-conquering warrior Players can expect further additions and improvements to the game as it continues its journey through Open Beta on the road to release.

The game is free to play, and interested players can sign up for the PC Open Beta at Vizor Games is working hard to bring Blood of Heroes to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in the future.

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