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KING SPAWN #4 Review

Dave reviews issue #4 of Image Comics’ KING SPAWN calling it “an overall comic masterpiece.” Grab your copy in stores now.



King Spawn #1 (Images Comics)

King Spawn #4 is published by Image Comics, written by Sean Lewis and illustrated by Javier Fernandes.

Print copies are available now either direct from Image Comics or from your local comic book shops. Digital copies will also be available to download from the usual content providers.


Spawn locates Kincaid and the two finally face off. But was that his plan the entire time? Meanwhile, Jessica and Medieval continue their globe-trotting hunt for superpowered terrorists!


In issue #4 we see the continuation of the King Spawn story with Spawn hunting down Kincaid to hand out punishment the only way we expect a Spawn character would do.

As we progress through the book we see Kincaid speaking with Spawn, but is there an alteria motive for this, is Kincaid trying to dupe Spawn into bringing his inner Demon out? What will be the consequences if he does?

A meeting with Oracle reveals that Spawn’s past actions may have grave consequences for humanity as we once knew it. A small child, Simon, seems the key to saving the world – or is he? Could he actually be a threat? There are alot of unanswered questions I hope are covered in the next issue.

Sean Lewis is taking this story arc in exactly the way you would want a Spawn story to go, full of action and ram packed with gorey detail, trust me when I say this isn’t a nice bedtime story. With the different arcs forming what looks like a multiverse so far the King Spawn storyline is definitely a favourite, it definitely packs a punch with out being over the top.

The illustrations from Javier Fernandes are as Spawn like as you can get, dark and powerful with that gorey detail that we have learnt to love, mesmerising the reader and drawing them deep into the pages.


An overall comic masterpiece, with a great continuing story from Sean Lewis partner that with the dramatic illustrations of Javier Fernandes and you have got yourself a winner. Definitely keep and eye out for this arc it is just starting to hot up.

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