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Dave reviews the second issue of Images Comics’ FRONTIERSMAN saying “I’ll be interested to see his this plays out.”



Frontiersman #1 (Image Comics)

Frontiersman #2 is published by Image Comics, written by Patrick Kindlon and illustrated by Marco Ferrari.

Issue #2 is available now either directly from Image Comics or from your local comic book shop. Digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


One hundred and fifty feet up a tree and all over the news, Frontiersman is just asking to be attacked. An old foe obliges—and he’s a cosmic menace to boot! But does Galaxie Prime have a more complex motive for the battle?


I found the first issue of Frontiersman a bit of a slow burner laying down the foundations for the story ahead, issue #2 however seems to have gone to the other extreme and blasted full in your face, we see Frontiersman in full on activist mode playing up to the cameras to ramp up the exposure for the cause, however it isn’t just the publics attention he gets as an old foe wants to talk.

The introduction of Galaxie Prime really changes the dynamic of the book and brings some much needed action to the pages, as he tries to win Frontiersman’s trust this is when we see the epic inter dimensional battle between the two, all Gakaxie wants is to be trusted but can he really be trusted or can a leopard not change his spots?

Patrick Kindlon brings an interesting take in the superhero genre with Frontiersman, he comes across a larger than life character with plenty of fire in his belly ready to fight for the cause as a proper people’s hero, introducing an interdimensional twist to the story was clever and not really expected but also looks like it will create an epic story arc in the coming issues. In all honesty if the story just stayed in the activist theme I may have started to lose interest in a way so bringing past characters in with big grudges to bare really make things interesting.

I loved the art style from Marco Ferrari, using bright and bold colours to really catch the atmosphere of the book high I felt really worked with the story and caught your imagination bringing you closer into the story.


Personally I found issue #2 to be far more action and felt a lot easier to get into which I hope continues as we progress through the issues. A great job by the creative team I’ll be interested to see how this plays out.

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