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Dave reviews Koei Tecmo’s BLUE REFLECTION: SECOND LIGHT calling it “visually stunning” and “immersive.” The game is available now.



Blue Reflection: Second Light (Koei Tech)

Blue Reflection: Second Light is developed by Gust Co and published by Koei Tecmo. The game is available on PlayStation 4 (playable on PS5), Nintendo Switch and PC. Reviewed on PS5.


As the last summer day fades, all is illuminated.” With gorgeous translucent designs by Mel Kishida, as well as a story that depicts the youth of lifelike girls, based on a theme of human identity and bonding, a new title in the Blue Reflection series is here!


I have had the pleasure of covering a few games from Koei Tecmo and so far I haven’t been disappointed with what I’ve seen, from the first impressions Blue Reflection certainly looked like it was going to carry that reputation on as it certainly looked a high quality game.

This is my first introduction to the Blue Reflection series as the first game passed me by, however I was easily able to bring myself up to speed with characters and overall story so didn’t feel like I was missing anything of major importance in terms of story and gameplay.

The story of the game centres around a group of young school girls, AO (main character who you play as) Kokoro, Rena, and Yuki who mysteriously end up in an alternative world The Faraway, filled with demons that the girls need to work together to defeat. The girls notice that they now have magical rings on their fingers that weren’t there before, this allows them to summon weapons and transform when in battle which is certainly handy.

The first thing that strikes me about the game is that it’s vast, the game is split into many levels but there seriously is so much ground to cover and explore and hunt for items to craft with. The game has a strong anime feel to it with the characters and actual gameplay giving that overall over the top anime feel and style to the game which honestly isn’t a bad thing as it certainly makes the game flow and suits the overall feel of it. In terms of graphics the game looks stunning, not quite next gen but still stunning to look at all the same, the game worlds are beautifully put together.

Although the story itself is indepth and enjoyable as a whole, I found at times the cutscenes difficult to follow with the spoken language being Japanese with English subtitles it wasn’t the easiest to follow and with that I found myself skipping a few just to get on with the game.

All in all I found the game to be a pleasant experience, the gameplay was immersive with a decent story, the combat was fun especially with the cinematic combat shots, visually the game is stunning the game worlds are immensely detailed and look great, the characters are very well detailed almost looks like you’re watching an anime film.


A good game, not one you can have a quick go on more like a game you will need to plough hours into. Visually stunning with an immersive story, can be difficult to follow the cutscenes but that just may be a personal issue rather than the game.

Blue Reflection: Second Light is available now, you can get your copy on PlayStation

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