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Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ HOME SICK PILOTS reiterating it as his favourite comic series of the year.



Home Sick Pilots #1 (Image Comics)

Home Sick Pilots #9 is published by Image Comics, written by Dan Watters and illustrated by Casper Wijngaard. #9 is due for release 15th September 2021, available directly from Image Comics or from your local comic book store. Digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


A national trauma has been successfully weaponized—which is probably fine and very unlikely to end in tears or provoke an army of ghosts to flood from the earth to seek revenge.


My favourite time has come back around again, the new issue of Home Sick Pilots is upon us and as the previous issues before I certainly wasn’t disappointed, the book gives you everything you need from a comic series and a whole host more on top.

This issue has to be my favourite so far with a storyline that is close to bubbling over into all out war. Now the power of the ghosts has been weaponised what’s next? Nothing stands in the way of raw vengeance not even Ami, as the story begins to take a far more darker turn things are seriously beginning to heat up, making the wait for #10 excruciating, I am literally counting down the days.

Watters has done what I thought couldn’t be done and improved on the last issue even more, with a story that had my eyes hypnotised to the pages throughout. A unique blend of teenage angst and horror put together in a non-cheesy way (reference most early 90s video shop shelves for comparisons) and every page works.

Once again the stunning illustrations from Wijngaard really bring the story to life, with full on graphic detailing but not over the top just enough to make the story work.


Home Sick Pilots is a main stay for me. By far the best comic series I have read this year, issue #9 brings more depth to an already thrilling story arc. I am counting the days for issue #10 and I honestly cannot wait to see what the creative team does next.

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