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Welcome To THE CRYPT Virtual Gallery Space

Dive in to a first of its kind virtual gallery space, THE CRYPT, and explore original artworks, film still and props.



Superman (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Earlier this week we had the great pleasure of taking a guided tour of The Crypt, a new virtual gallery space where artists can exhibit their work in the virtual world.

The first of its kind virtual gallery currently houses collections of rare art and NFT collectibles, featuring works from Signalnoise, Margaret Garrett and Jordan J. Lloyd.

The stunning virtual environment features twelve floors of gallery space in an open, airy environment which can be fully explored by the user. Exhibitions currently available are:

  • Flashback by Signalnoise
  • Unseen Histories by Jordan J. Lloyd
  • Alternate Dimensions by Margaret Garrett
  • The Making of Heroes curated by The Crypt
  • One Giant Leap curated by Prop Store & The Crypt

Film fans will be particularly interested in The Making of Heroes and One Giant Leap exhibits. Both hold plenty of treasures from the pop culture world including never-before-seen images from films such as Batman ’89, Superman and the original Flash Gordon.

The user explores the exhibits using controls familiar to any gamer. The mouse is utilised to look around whist the keyboard is used to move forwards, backwards, left and right. All the artworks are visually rendered to appear as they would in a real gallery space. It’s immersive and incredibly well realised.

Navigating through the spaces comes naturally and doesn’t detract from the experience of exploring the space. Images and high resolution and well integrated in to the virtual world. Small touches like 3D objects and reflections on the floor really add to the overall environment of the venue.

Making use of further technology, attendees can party up and discuss the exhibitions over audio as their virtual avatars move around the screen. It’s as close to the real thing as possible in the virtual world.

Many of the images in the gallery are now available to purchase as NFTs. NTFs are a collectible digital asset, which holds value as a form of cryptocurrency and as a form of art or culture. Much like art is seen as a value-holding investment, now so are NFTs. Taking the form of JPGS, MP3s, videos, GIFs and more because they hold value, NTFs can be bought and sold just like other types of art – and, like with physical art, the value is largely set by the market and by demand.

You can check out the space for yourself at and follow the team on Instagram and Twitter.

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