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Dave reviews Signature Entertainment’s RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER: ORIGINS saying “this is definitely in my top 10 of the year.”



Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins (Signature Entertainment)

Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins will release exclusively in UK cinemas from 3rd September, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.


When a down-on-his-luck Tony Tucker lands a job as a nightclub doorman after saving the owner’s grandson, he will do whatever it takes to rise to the top of the game. Teaming up with Essex heavyweight Bernard O’Mahoney at the height of the 1980s rave scene, Tucker could do no wrong. A voracious appetite for money, drugs, and a glamorous lifestyle soon develops, fueling his growingly audacious ventures and seeing him join forces with Pat Tate and Craig Rolfe to capitalise on the drug-boom. Packed with fights, revenges, and explosions, the ultimate origin story brings Rise of the Footsoldier full circle, and tackles many of the franchise’s previously unanswered questions.


As a fan of the Rise of The Footsoldier franchise, they basically are the perfect beer and pizza movies, full of gangsters, drugs and fighting, a typical “lads” flick to put it into it’s pigeon hole, I was looking forward to this installment as it would answer the questions from the previous films and tie off any loose ends, I wasn’t looking for Oscar winning performances just more of what I’ve come to expect from this franchise.

Origins is the 5th in the gangster franchise and tells the story of Terry Tucker, his dramatic rise and epic fall and finally uncovers the answers to how he ended up in Pat Tate’s firm. Terry Stone is perfectly cast as a down on his luck wannabe gangster, who is desperate to earn the fame and adulation of those around him, he wants to be someone be a name in the town. You see him make it in bold and brash fashion but you also see the dark side of that life when he’s introduced to the drugsOrigins is the foundation builder we needed that sews together the rest of the franchise, how drug addict Craig Rolfe (Mankoonian) entered the scene and become an integral part of the firm.

Nevern did a perfect job of giving us the introductory story that adds so much to the franchise, many would say it glorifies drugs and violence, yes there is that argument but Nevern does a great job in showing the dark side of the drug scene and the lives it effects.

It was great to see the cast back to help make the story authentic but it was also great to see the cameos of Connor Benn playing his young father Nigel and recently deceased reality TV personality Heavy D. Partner that with a killer soundtrack of disco and acid house and you are definitely onto a winner.

There was so many parts that I loved about this film but the main part was the country lane car chase between a Sierra Cosworth and a Peugeot 309, couldn’t have been more late 80s Britain if it tried, from the acting through to the settings all added to a true authentic story dramatically told and at times cringingly graphic, no spoilers but the scene in the flat showed interesting uses of a hammer I don’t think they tell you about in your local B and Q.

I did think this was the end and final chapter but the post credit scene makes me think otherwise, yes I would advise you to wait until the credits roll.


A perfect beer and pizza film. You do need to have seen the other films for this to make sense but I strongly advise you do that as this is definitely in my top 10 of this year. Quite simply a British gangster flick done exactly how it should be, a fully recommended watch.

Rise of The Footsoldier: Origins is directed by Nicm Nevern and stars Vinnie Jones as Bernard O’Mahoney and Craig Fairbrass (Muscle) – returning as notorious drug-dealer Pat Tate –  P.H.Moriarty from The Long Good Friday, Billy Murray (Eastenders), Michelle Collins (Eastenders), George Russo (Top Dog), the brilliant Roland Manookian (RocknRolla), a genius cameos from reality TV royalty Chris Hughes and the late and great Heavy D. 

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