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Dave reviews the collected edition of Mad Cave Studios HELLFIGHTER QUIN saying “if you love your superheroes but long for something new then this book is for you.”



Hellfighter Quin (Mad Cave Studios)

Hellfighter Quin Vol. 1 is published by Mad Cave Studios, written by Jay Sandlin and illustrated by Atagun Ilhan. Colours are by Maria Santaolalla and letters by Justin Birch.

You can grab your copy of Hellfighter Quin Vol. 1 now in-print and on digital where all good comics are sold. Grab your digital copy from Comixology here.


Quinlan Jones, AKA the Hellfighter, thought he’d hung up his mask for good. That changed when Harlem’s own vigilante is forced into a tournament controlled by hidden clans to gain control over the Azure Sun; a mystical stone that provides abilities to those who come into contact with it. Here, Quin will fight for his life in a series of brutal contests against assassins, cyborgs, and other beings of unimaginable power. No matter what happens, only one may claim the Azure Sun! Collects issues #1-5.


I love most things superhero. I love all the standard superhero fare but what I really like the most is when I come across a different type of hero. Step forward Hellfighter Quin, a hero right up my street. Coming from the minds at Mad Cave Studios you just know it will be all up in your face. Perfection.

Once again Jay Sandlin isn’t messing around with the story. Think of a kind of fantasy Bloodsport then you’ll be on the right track. Different clans fight to the death across multiple zones, fighting for control of the all powerful Azure Sun whilst keeping it out of the grasp of the Doomseer. Our hero is Quinlan Jones or “Hellfighter Quin” who intends on taking the fight to the clans to bring the power back to the clanless people. The journey that follows is a deep and emotional journey which will grab you on every page.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading a few of Sandlin’s work and I will say I’ve not been disappointed yet. I love his style of storytelling, keeping the story action-packed but relatable at the same time. Like me, I’m sure you won’t be able to put this book down.

The amount of detail that Atagun Ilhan has added to the illustrations. It is nothing short of unreal, each page is like a living art show. At times I will warn you it does get graphic but if you’ve read anything from Mad Cave then you’ll know the style, the colours and tones work fantastically well with the illustrations adding an immense amount of depth to Sandlin’s story.


If you love your superheroes but long for something new then this book is for you. You won’t be disappointed.

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