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BATTLECATS Vol 3 #1 Review

Dave reviews BATTLECATS Vol. 3 #1 from Mad Cave Studios calling it one of his favourite series of 2021 so far. In stores July 7, 2021.



Battlecasts Volume 3 #1 (Mad Cave Studios)

Published by Mad Cave Studios, Battlecats is written by Mark London, illustrated by Micheal Camelo, coloured by Tekino and lettered by Miguel Zapata.

Vol. 3 issue #1 is available to pre order now from the Mad Cave Studios store and will release where all good comics are sold from 7th July 2021.


After the death of King Eramad III, Valderia is lost, and a perpetual state of violence has fconsumed the land. Valadar now sits on the throne and the Battlecats are without their leader, Kelthan. Now, Queen Adastril has taken charge of a resistance group, and her first order of business: recover the corpse of their fallen king. The beginning of the end for the Battlecats starts now!


Having read through the rest of the Battlecats story arc this was the comic I was most looking forward to getting my hands on. I was desperate to find out the fate of the Battlecats after the – spoiler alert – death of the King in the last issue leaving us on a cliffhanger ending.

The continuation of the story sees Kelthan falling on hard times. Having taken the events of the past to heart, he has turned to drink to ease his problems and left the Battlecats without their once fearless leader. Valderia now finds itself without its fearless guardians.

Writer Mark London has done an astounding job in developing the characters of Battlecats. There is so much personality and heart that it makes them feel almost human. Although they are felines they feel more relatable to the reader making for a far more immersive reading experience.

Some may even say it was a brave move to turn such a strong character into a “worthless drunk” but I personally feel that this only adds more heart to an already fearce character, one that you feel yourself routing for to get back off the ropes and finish the fight.

It says in the synopsis that this is the beginning of the end for the Battlecats but the way London has written this issue and especially the ending certainly feels that if they are going down it will be one epic fight to the end and I am definitely here for that.

Once again as with all of the Mad Cave Studios titles I have recently read the illustrations are phenomenal. Camelo adds so much depth to each page that you feel like you are actually stood in Valderia. The colours used are eye catching with dramatic and vibrant tones adding deep feeling on each page. As is the norm with Mad Cave each page is action packed with plenty of fighting and blood splats galore which I am certainly a huge fan of.


Without question Battlecats is one of my favourite series so far this year, Vol 3 certainly looks to carry that on I genuinely didn’t want it to end. Fans of Thundercats will most definitely find this a comic not to be missed. I would love to see this turned into a TV series or videogame in the future, here’s hoping!!

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