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Dave reviews Signature Entertainment’s ANTI-LIFE starring Bruce Willis saying the actor can “still cut it as an action hero.”



Anti-Life (Signature Entertainment)

Signature Entertainment presents Anti-Life on Digital Platforms 12th February and DVD 15th February.


Anti-Life is an edge-of-your-seat sci-fi thriller with an (inter)stellar cast starring Bruce Willis (Die Hard), Cody Kearsley (Riverdale) and Thomas Jane (The Mist). Set in the near future, a spaceship flees a devastating plague on planet Earth with a few thousand survivors on board – the last remnants of humanity. But the ship has a stowaway: a shape-shifting alien whose goal is to slaughter everyone on board. Clay Young (Bruce Willis) and his team are a hardened group of mechanics picked to stay awake and maintain the interstellar ark.


Now normally if you tell me that a film has Bruce Willis in it and he’s got a gun then I’m probably going to watch it. Willis was and is my true last action hero and I pretty much enjoy all his “beer and pizza” style films. Anti-Life is no different, a basic storyline with lots of cheesy, enjoyable action.

The easiest way to describe Anti-Life would be to think of it as a larger than life mix of both Die Hard and Aliens. With Clay Young heading proceedings, Willis is pushing his tough guy persona in an overtly sci-fi direction. Set in the not too distant future of a world ravaged by a plague (ring any bells?) those specially chosen ones from society have boarded escape shuttles to take them to the safety of New Earth to start a new life in a new human colony. But first they must battle a mix of desperation and determination within the group. The chosen citizens sit in cryo-stasis along with the admiral of the ship and elite fighters, the skeleton group are left to man the ship, within this group is Clay and his team of battle worn mechanics. It’s not long into the journey when things begin to go wrong and its left to Clay and his unlikely army to defend the ship, this is when you know the heat is about to turn up, this is the part of the film where I feel the inspiration from Aliens comes through with the infected representing the biggest danger to the ship and passengers.

The story moves in a more horror direction as it unfolds. Keeping the action set pieces but with increasing gore as the infection starts to tighten its grip on the ship.

As predictable as the action scenes are they are still a whole lot of fun to watch with Willis at his true action tough guy best coming out with awesome one liners such as my favorite “Who wants some BBQ?” as he weilds a flamethrower to take down the infected and heading the team in the fight back against the infected bringing the decent action scenes to the film.

The cinematography for me was top notch, having a good mix of gore and good CGI effects. The body explosions are quite detailed to say the least and the outer to the shots of the ship going through space were stunning to watch. Overall I didn’t see any flaws at all and all added together making it a decent action flick great to grab a pizza relax and enjoy.


Overall I enjoyed the film although it does get slightly cheesy in parts, all proving that Willis can still cut it as a movie action hero.


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