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Watch the first full trailer for SUPERMAN & LOIS, premiere confirmed for 2-hour event

The CW releases a brand new trailer for the now confirmed 2-hour premiere event of SUPERMAN & LOIS, coming to our screens from February 23.



Superman & Lois (The CW)

Earlier this evening The CW released a brand new trailer for upcoming DC Comics series Superman & Lois. Unlike the previous trailer this time we get a proper idea about what to expect when the series hits our screens next month.

Taking plenty of visual cues from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the trailer hints that Superman & Lois might be a much heavier hitter than some of its Arrowverse cousins. With the Kent family moving back to Smallville it seems it’s not all plain-sailing for Lois, Clark and their sons.

Watch the trailer in the player below:

Alongside the new trailer the network has also confirmed it is delays the season 7 premiere of The Flash to allow Superman & Lois an extended premiere event. The first episode will extended to 90 mins (including ads) and will be teamed with a thirty minute special entitled Legacy of Hope.

Superman & Lois is set to star Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tullock who return as the titular characters. They will, in turn, be joined by Emmanuelle Chriqui as Clark’s ex-girlfriend, Lana Lang, Erik Valdez as Lana’s husband, Kyle Cushing. Dylan Walsh will portray Lois’ father, General Sam Lane.

Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin will also co-star in the series as Superman and Lois’ sons, Jonathan and Jordan Kent.

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