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ATTACK ON TITAN Director shares chilling Eren illustration

Attack on Titan is back with a bang. Some incredibly exciting and terrifying things are coming…



Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is back after a short break. Episode 64, entitled “Declaration of War”, aired on Sunday and it launched the show into one of the most complex arcs of the entire series. An arc that fundamentally changes everything.

The final season of Attack on Titan is just 16 episodes long. The first 5 episodes have focused primarily on establishing what life is like in Marley. We’ve met new characters, some you’ll grow to like and some you’ll loath, and we finally have a better understanding of the enemy that has plagued Paradis Island for years. But now, it’s time for war.

To celebrate the return of Attack on Titan and to reiterate the beginning of the end, the episode director, Teruyuki omine, shared a chilling illustration of Eren Yeager.

Check it out:

Marley has declared war on Paradis in hopes of regaining the Founding Titan. What they didn’t know was that Eren had his own plan. The next episode is sure to be an exciting one and we simply cannot wait to experience the might of the War Hammer Titan.

While we have absolutely loved the season so far, we can’t help but be anxious. As someone who keeps up with the manga, we know what is coming. With just 11 episodes to go, we’re not entirely sure how they can squeeze over 35 chapters of the manga into 11 episodes. There are a few things to consider here. The manga is still ongoing, although it is set to finish in April, and season 2 roughly covers 16 chapters of the manga in 12 episodes. To put it another way, each episode of season 2 covers 1.5 chapters. From episode 65, each episode would have to cover over 3 chapters in the space of 20 minutes. Can it be done well? We’re not sure.

Unless. We’re missing something. What if this season is simply “part 1”? That means season 4 could potentially cover 32 episodes which is a lot more feasible. Or perhaps multiple movies? Whatever the case is, we’re finding it incredibly hard accepting that the entirety of Attack on Titan will be over in just 11 episodes… which equates to roughly 4 hours.

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