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Captain America: Vault of Heroes (IDW/Marvel)


Neil reviews Marvel and IDW's CAPTAIN AMERICA: VAULT OF HEROES. The book is available in stores now.


The legend of Captain America begins here when Steve Rogers survives a WWII experiment to become a Super-Soldier and the Sentinel of Liberty! He’ll face off against Hydra, P.R.O.D.O.K., the Rhino, A.I.M., and even an army of genetically recreated cavemen. Shield-slinging adventures lead to Avengers team-ups with Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Iron Man and more!


Marvel (via IDW Publishing) is finally starting to catch up with younger readers by releasing new collections of “kid-friendly” stories. Here the publisher brings together a number of contemporary-classic Captain America stories in an attempt to introduce young MCU fans to his comic origins.

The book collects stories from Marvel Adventures Super Heroes (2008) #8 and #12 plus others from issues #3, #5, #15, #16 and #21 of the 2010 incarnation of the same series.

According to the Amazon listing the book is aimed at reader 8-12. It feels about right for the level of material which is on show here. We’re treated to a basic re-telling of Caps origin before launching in to a series of stories which have been picked for their excitement value.

Here Marvel shows off a strong understanding of how best to attract new readers who are familiar with the big screen versions of its characters.

Plenty of the stories in Captain America: Vault of Heroes find Cap teaming up with other Avengers. There’s guest spots for the crowd pleasing Spider-Man and Iron Man as well as familiar faces of Black Widow and Doctor Strange.

Although the material in this book is available elsewhere these collections are a great repackaging. They’re perfectly sized books for kids to read whilst travelling or to fit in a school backpack. They’re lusciously printed on glossy paper and so as product it feels new and exciting.


A perfect repackaging of some classic Marvel content to appeal to younger readers.


Captain America: Vault of Heroes is available in stores now. The book features stories from writers Scott Gray, Paul Tobin, Roger Langridge, Todd Dezago and J.M. Dmatteis. Artwork comes from assortment of artists including Craig Roussea, Matteo Lolli, Ronan Cliquet, Chris Cross and more.

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