September 23, 2020

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The Boys (Amazon)

It’s official: the gift of invisibility is the superpower us Brits most dream of

What's your dream superpower? Well Amazon Prime Video conducted a poll of us Brits on the topic and here are the results...

New research has revealed that the superpower Brits dream of having most is the power of invisibility (37&).

The ability to read minds (29%) and the ability to fly at the speed of light (20%) also featured in the list, as did X ray vision (7%) and to have laser beam eyes (6%), according to the 2,000 Brits surveyed.

The research also reveals the things power hungry Brits would be prepared to give up, in order to gain a superpower, with as many as 66% saying they would forego all social media in order to gain a superhuman gift. 

19% would trade their phone, one in ten (10%) would give up their house and almost one in ten (9%) would give up their own partner, in exchange for a superpower. 

46% said they would use their new-found power to do good deeds, with 49% of do-gooders, saying they would save lives, while 38% would attempt to end wars and 34% claim they would fight crime. 

A power-hungry 13% would attempt to gain control of the entire country, while one in ten claim that, in a situation where they were all powerful, they would stop at nothing less than complete WORLD domination. 

The survey was commissioned, in conjunction with the release of season 2 of The Boys, out now on Amazon Prime Video.

Season two is bigger, better and more insane than ever as The Boys continue to run from the law, hunted by the Supes, and try to regroup and fight back against Vought. 

More than one in twenty (7%) would use their powers to get back at an ex, while the same number would cheat at sporting events and 4 percent see themselves as the head of a crime syndicate. 

Yet, according to the poll, the average Brit still sees themselves as 67% good, with 74% saying they firmly believe there’s more good in the world than bad. 


  1. The power of invisibility – 37%
  2. The power to read minds – 29%
  3. The ability to fly at the speed of light – 21% 
  4. Superhuman strength – 20% 
  5. To be able to control electricity – 9% 
  6. To be able to run at the speed of light – 9% 
  7. To be able to communicate with sea creatures – 7% 
  8. To have X-ray vision – 7% 
  9. To have laser beam eyes – 6% 
  10. The ability to harness light – 5%

Watch brand new episodes of The Boys Friday’s on Amazon Prime Video. Season one is available to stream now in full.

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