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Vei Vol. 2 (Insight Editions)

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In a violent tournament between Asgardians and giants, Vei reigns victorious as the undefeated champion of the Meistarileikir. But the brutal gladiator games are far from over, and the constant barrage of death begins to take its toll. As the line between friend and foe becomes harder to distinguish, Vei is forced to question everything she’s ever known: What is really worth fighting for? And how much is she prepared to sacrifice?


In reviewing Vei Vol. 1 in our podcast some months ago, I talked about how amazingly steeped in Norse mythology the book was. Now, having read the second and finale volume, I understand that writer Sara B. Elfgren had barely scratched the surface.

Vei’s final chapters feature a story which is even more impressive in scope than the first. A story which continues to dive deep in to the mythology which Marvel only skirts around in its Thor franchise. Elfgren’s writing features much more nuanced versions of Loki, Odin and even the idea of Ragnarok which plays heavy this time around.

But bubbly under the surface of this epic tale are some deeply flawed, human characters which really make the book the success that it is.

Coming in to volume two I didn’t feel there was much more to learn about lead character Vei. We explored her origins and her journey heavily in volume one. But her continued adventure in volume two really speaks to the core of she is, a warrior. Johnsson’s cover art alone is a great depiction of the pure Vei, ready for battle without sacrificing her identity.

Of particular interest in volume two is Vei’s relationship with Loki. There’s a strong analogy for contemporary sexuality with these two characters with Loki represented as gender fluid. But the real message is that gender is of very little meaning in this world. It’s a wonderful message for those looking for support and handled so naturally here.

The closing pages, with an ageing Vei are incredibly poignant. Asher journey comes to an end we circle back around to where it began and I could certainly feel Elgren’s connection to the character and grief at letting her go.

The action in Vei Vol. 2 feels perfectly progressive from the first book. It steps up in scale and scope in frost giant proportions. It keeps pushing the story towards its suitable epic conclusion without throwing off the pacing. Volume 2 acts as its own story but by continuing the chapter numbering from Volume 1 it could easily be read back-to-back as one extended piece.

Johnsson’s artwork is easily up to the task of managing Elfgren’s epic story. His visuals are absolutely stunning. Characters are naturally emotive and his creative design work feels completely natural to the mythology he is interpreting. Giants loom larger than life on the page and Vei looks every inch the warrior she deserves to be.


Vei’s second volume is an absolute triumph in storytelling and artwork. Every page is steeped in mythology and features wonderful artwork which brings the story to life.


Vei Vol. 2 is written by Sara B. Elf green with artwork by Karl Johnsson.

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By Neil Vagg

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