LORD OF THE RINGS Reunion happening with Josh Gad!

Lord of the Rings

Quarantine has brought out the best in some creators and industries. We’ve had films become available to stream, activities have been organised to keep people entertained at home, Stars have rallied together to entertain and ensemble casts have gathered together for our amusement.

I’ve watched many cast events. The cast of Community did a great table read with guest star Pedro Pascal. Stephen Amell has been gathering various cast members on his Facebook for long chats. John Krasinki has a lovely news show dedicated to spreading positivity rather than fear. One of my favorites has been Josh Gad’s conquest to gather epic cast members from classic films.

He got the Goonies back together! Josh gathered the cast from Splash where he got together with Ron Howard and Tom Hanks! and he reunited Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in a fantastic episode all about Back to the Future.

But Gad, known for voicing Olaf in Frozen, has gone above and beyond. As a big fan of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the books written by Tolkien, I was over the moon to learn about his next project.

On Sunday, Josh will be talking to the cast of Lord of the Rings in what promises to be the ultimate reunion. Elijah Wood, Sean Austin, Orlando Bloom, Sir Ian McKellen, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd appeared in the hilarious teaser trailer.

Many more stars will be joining the chat.

It looks as though Viggo Mortensen (Aragon), Liv Tyler (Arwen), Sean Bean (Boromir), Andy Serkis (Gollum), Miranda Otto (Éowyn), Karl Urban (Éomer), John Rhys-Davies (Gimli), producer Fran Welsh, and director Peter Jackson will also appear at some point.

How amazing! Another great thing about these reunions is that they are raising a lot of money for some charities in need. Make sure you tune in to watch this episode and, if you can, donate some money.

Check out the brilliant trailer right here!

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By James Lister

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