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April showers means more time for DC UNIVERSE members to binge their favorite comics, movies and more only on DC UNIVERSE, the digital subscription service for DC fans!

We’re back, Puddin’! The Clown Princess herself, Harley Quinn returns for season 2 on April 3. Following Harley and her crew’s adventures of season 1, the DC UNIVERSE original series returns with more antics. Not caught up? All 13 episodes of Harley Quinn season 1 can be found only on DC UNIVERSE. Plus, have a question for Dr. Quinzel? Ask Dr. Harley Quinn, the doctor’s advice column is now live only on DC UNIVERSE. The creative team behind some of Harley Quinn’s most famed work, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, will assist Dr. Quinzel in tackling community questions weekly sourced from the DC UNIVERSE community.

This April, Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns will arrive on DC UNIVERSE! Starring Michael Keaton in his celebrated turn as The Dark Knight, these two iconic big screen Batman films also star Jack Nicholson (The Joker), Kim Basinger (Vicki Vale), Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman), Danny DeVito (Penguin).

Enter The Game Master! Sam Witwer leads Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Clare Grant, and Xavier Woods on a nostalgic role playing quest for the ages. Binge all 5 episodes of DC UNIVERSE All Star Games: The Breakfast League to see how their adventure concludes.

DC UNIVERSE welcomes over 75 digital comics to the platform in April, exploring stories about the Caped Crusader to The Man of Steel.  To celebrate Joker’s 80th anniversary Sean Murphy’s full eight-issue series, Batman: White Knight will make its DC Universe debut.  Other additions include new issues of The Batman who Laughs, Adventures of Supersons and the pulse-pounding Justice League (2018) #21 from Scott Snyder, DC UNIVERSE members will have more than enough to choose from this month. Members can enhance their reading experience with DC UNIVERSE’s Couch Mode that brings DC Comics to the television screen for uniquely enhanced viewing.

Showcasing spectacular collectibles of all time, straight from the DC Archives, don’t forget to tune-in to DC Daily with new episodes posting Monday through Friday! Plus, on April 6th a brand new, bigger, cooler and glossier set will be revealed!

New to WATCH This April:
Wednesday, April 1: Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
Wednesday, April 1: Green Lantern: First Flight
Wednesday, April 1: Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Wednesday, April 1: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Wednesday, April 1: Justice League: War
Wednesday, April 1: Justice League: Doom
Wednesday, April 1: Justice League: The New Frontier
Wednesday, April 1: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
Wednesday, April 1: Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Friday, April 3: Harley Quinn “New Gotham”
Friday, April 10: Harley Quinn “Riddle U”
Friday, April 17: Harley Quinn “Trapped”
Friday, April 24: Harley Quinn “Thawing Hearts”

New to READ This April:

Tuesday, April 7
Adventures of the Super Sons #9
Deathstroke (2016) #42
Female Furies #3
Green Lantern (2018) #6
Harley Quinn (2016) #60
Justice League (2018) #21
Suicide Squad Black Files #6
Young Justice (2018) #4
DC First Issue Special (1975-1976) #8
Detective Comics (1937-2011) #356
Doorway to Nightmare (1978) #5
Eclipso (1992-1994) #3
Super Friends (1976-1981) #4
The Spectre (1987-1989) #4
Wanted (1972-1973) #9
Weird Mystery Tales (1972-1975) #1

Tuesday, April 14
Batman (2016) #68
Catwoman (2018) #10
Detective Comics (2016) #1001
Hawkman (2018) #11
Justice League Odyssey #8
Red Hood: Outlaw #33
Supergirl (2016) #29
Superman (2018) #10
The Batman Who Laughs #4
The Flash (2016) #68
Titans (2016) #36
Wonder Twins (2019) #3
Wonder Woman (2016) #68
Black Magic (1973) #5
DC First Issue Special (1975-1976) #9
Detective Comics (1937-2011) #357
Eclipso (1992-1994) #4
House of Mystery (1951-1983) #205
Sun Devils (1984-1985) #10
Super Friends (1976-1981) #5
The Spectre (1987-1989) #5
The Witching Hour (1969-1978) #1

Tuesday, April 21
Aquaman (2016) #47
Batman (2016) #69
Damage (2017) #16
Electric Warriors (2018) #6
Justice League (2018) #22
Naomi (2019) #4
Nightwing (2016) #59
Teen Titans (2016) #29
Batman: White Knight #1 – #8
DC First Issue Special (1975-1976) #10
Detective Comics (1937-2011) #358
Eclipso (1992-1994) #5
House of Mystery (1951-1983) #206
Super Friends (1976-1981) #6
The Spectre (1987-1989) #6
Weird Mystery Tales (1972-1975) #2

Tuesday, April 28
Action Comics (2016) #1010
Batgirl (2016) #34
Batman Beyond (2016) #31
Detective Comics (2016) #1002
Dial H for Hero #2
Freedom Fighters #5
Heroes in Crisis #8
Justice League Dark (2018) #10
Black Magic (1973) #6
DC First Issue Special (1975-1976) #11
Detective Comics (1937-2011) #375
Eclipso (1992-1994) #6
Sun Devils (1984-1985) #11
Super Friends (1976-1981) #7
The Spectre (1987-1989) #7

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By Neil Vagg

Neil is the GYCO Editorial Chief. He has a BA in Film & Tv and an MA in Scriptwriting; he currently works 9-5 as an office manager and 5-9 as a reviewer/web designer. He has been subscribing to comics for around nine years but has been reading them as long as he can remember. Favourite comics: Batman; Nightwing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and All New X-Men Favourite films: Batman (any apart from & Robin); Star Trek Generations, Underworld, Beetlejuice Favourite TV shows: Fringe; Buffy, Arrow, TBBT, Being Human UK and Star Trek TNG