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RE:ZERO Season 2 Announce OP/ED songs




I’m a big anime and manga fan and it’s something that doesn’t appear a lot on this site. I’m hoping to change that since the anime fandom is growing significantly and today seemed like a good day to start with some news about RE:Zero- Starting Life in Another World.

RE:Zero is probably one of my all time favourite shows. It’s absolutely brilliant. Fans of the show have been waiting for a second season since the first ended in 2016. The series follows Subaru who finds himself transported to a fantasy world with the ability to “respawn” after dying.

The series consists of 25 episodes and 2 OVA episodes.

Yesterday, Crunchyroll revealed some interesting developments concerning the highly anticipated return of Re:Zero. The anime adaptation, based on Tappei Nagatsuki’s light novels, announced the titles and release dates for the OP and ED theme songs.

The opening song will be performed by Konomi Suzuki and is called “Realize”. This will be the fourth time she has performed a theme for the Re:Zero franchise. She has previous done:

  • Redo– The op for the first season
  • Yell– The op for the PS Vita/PS4 game Re:Zero- Death or Kiss
  • Relight- The song played on a Pachinko (Slot/pinball machine)

The single for the brand new season will be released as her 11th single on May 13th, 2020.

The ending song will be performed by Nonoc and will be called “Memento”. Nonoc previously provided both songs for the first OVA in 2018- Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Memory Snow. Nonoc also performed “Your Name is When the Snow Ends” for the 2nd OVA, Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another WorldThe Frozen Bond.

“Memento” will be released on the same day as Suzuki’s “Realise”, May 13th 2020.

The long awaited season is set to premiere in Japan in April 2020 so prepare for plenty of laughs, tears and deaths. You can check out the trailer for the second season right here. Warning: It doesn’t look fun. At all.

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