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[TRAILER] A virgin sacrifice must be made in ‘Satanic Panic’



It’s not easy being a virgin these days.

Chelsea Stardust and Fangoria are about to get in on the cult trend with their new movie Satanic Panic, releasing in limited theatres and on VOD September 6, 2019.

In the new film, Hayley Griffith will star as a pizza girl who ends up having to fight her way out of becoming the virgin sacrifice to a bunch of bougie, high-society Satanists led by Rebecca Romijn.

The official synopsis reads;

Times are tough for Sam. Already a cancer survivor at twenty-two, she eeks out a meager existence delivering pizza for minimum wage—and minimum tips—while dealing with an exploitative boss and obnoxious coworkers. When the final delivery of the night promises to take her to a wealthy neighborhood with the chance of a healthy tip, she takes the opportunity to make up for an unprofitable shift. What begins as a quest for cash ends up as a quest for survival, though, when it turns out her customers aren’t who she’s used to delivering to. Instead, they’re a Satanic cult of a very different color: high-society elites for whom worshipping the Dark Lord coexists with country clubs and casseroles.

Check out the trailer below!

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