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From now on you are going to see Ko-fi buttons on Get Your Comic On.

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We’ve joined the group of internet creatives who are open to small donations from fans. For those who know the GYCO story you’ll know we were setup by a group of friend who just wanted to spread some love for our favourite comics, movies and TV series.

We don’t get paid to do this job. We make a very small amount of money from adverts but we do this because we love these characters.

We also love our fans!

We love interacting with you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We have never asked you for money and we never will.

If you want click this button you can buy us a coffee by making a donation. We’re pledging to use that money to help promote the website. But it’s entirely up to you!

Follow us on Facebook, on Twitter @GetYourComicOn, or on Instagram at GetYourComicOn. If you have a story suggestion email

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