‘TMNT’ #62 Review!

'TMNT' #62 art by Dave Watcher
'TMNT' #62 cover art by ....
‘TMNT’ #62 cover art by ….
  • Written by Kevin Eastman & Tom Waltz
  • Art by Dave Watcher
  • Cover by ….

“Chasing Phantoms,” Part 2! One ally close to the Turtles faces grave danger while another makes a choice that will alter his life forever. Meanwhile the Turtles wonder if their path truly lies with the Foot Clan…

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With it’s previous issue (reviewed here) ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ took a creative leap forwards in bridging the gap between story arcs. Stepping out of it’s own skin and becoming proto-meta is analysing its own past was, for me, a bold move.

What issue #61 also did was bring together its cast in a rare moment of family.

Issue #62 however strongly counterbalances its predecessor by once again segregating the ‘TMNT’ family. The difference here is that each splinter-group (I couldn’t avoid the pun) is now fronting its own plot. It’s not unfamiliar territory for this title as there are so many one-shots and sub-series that there are often references to issues I have never read. What is different however is that each of these plots is now adding ot the main narrative.

In the past segregating the heroes would serve only the main plot but now the series features so many threads its time to pull them all together.

This marked change in storytelling has me intrigued. There’s been no hints of a commonality between the stories but it cannot be coincidence that so much is happening all at once. Regardless of the outcome it’s great to feel excited about the story in ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ rather than just for the artwork.

Speaking of which this issues continues a run of stunning looking issues. I literally cannot fault ‘TMNT’ on its look. I say this nearly every issue but the colours, the tone, the depth it all adds up to a near perfect aesthetic. To me this current run embodied said everything that ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ is to me as a fan.


‘Teenage Mutant Ninaj Turtles’ #62 is not exactly the easiest jumping off point if you aren’t already reading the series but is a great stop-gap and reassertion of its story.

4 stars



4 stars

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