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COMIC REVIEW: ‘Batman ’66’ #6



Batman '66 (DC Comics)

Put your earplugs in guys… it’s the return of the Siren!

‘Batman ’66′ #6

‘Batman ’66′ #6

Cover by Mike Allred

Written by Jeff Parker

Art & Colours by Jonathan Case

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Beware of spoilers!
This week Batman ‘66 has confused me a little and I can only assume that when the Penguin story makes it’s way to print this little side story featuring the Siren – played by Joan Collins in the series – will find itself as a backup at the end of the issue.

The reason I’m so confused is that the digital version of this ‘chapter’ still features the Penguin/Mr. Freeze cover art that came with the previous two weeks chapters. It’s a small gripe but none-the-less I still have a couple of small gripes with this series.

Once again the story here is the shining star. Parker is proving each week here that he has the upmost respect for the source material as well as the wider Bat-verse and this week he threw in one massive nod to the Silver Age of comics that just took my love for his storytelling to a whole new level.

‘Chandell’s Chanteuse’ is a neat little story that finds itself wrapped up in a single issue and doesn’t even feature a full appearance by Robin. The ending – not to be spoiled here – clearly sets up a later storyline and I’m intrigued to see if we’re building towards a genuine story arc.

This week Jonathan Case is back doing art and colours and it instantly lifts this series back up to its early status. The art pops right off the screen and I have to admit that after two weeks of feeling disappointed about the lack of interactivity this is the first issue where the art holds its own against the DC² of previous issues. I’m really happy to see this comic finding its feet beyond it’s A+ story.

The hallucination sequence allows Case the opportunity to break out from the confines of the usual panels and fill the page with some highly stylised work which adds a new dimension to the series.

It’s too early to pass true judgement as we have only had a couple of artists work on the series but thus far it is Case who is setting ‘Batman ‘66’ apart from other digital comics. His style of art is what I would call the signature style of the series and I hope we can see this style continue in the weeks to come.

I’m definitely looking forward to the return of Joker next week.


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