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BATMAN & ROBIN (2023-) #3 Review

Neil reviews the latest issue of DC Comics’ brand new BATMAN & ROBIN series. Issue #3 is available now where all good comic books are sold.



Batman & Robin #1 (DC Comics)

Batman & Robin #3 is written by Joshua Williamson and published by DC Comics. Artwork and colours are by Simone Di Meo and letters by Steve Wands. Main cover art (left) is also by Di Meo.

Batman & Robin #3 is available now, in print and on digital platforms where all good comic books are sold.


White Rabbit is a key witness in uncovering Gotham’s newest criminal mastermind, and Batman and Robin realize the only way to keep her safe is to break her out of Arkham Tower! But Damian still has homework to deal with!


Consistency is the name of the game as Joshua Wiliamson’s Batman & Robin returns today with its third issue. Another fast-paced, frenetic issue which continues to be a fresh change of pace from events in both Batman and Detective Comics. But with such heavy momentum I do worry whether Batman & Robin will eventually run out of breath. But we’re we get there, there’s the little matter of breaking White Rabbit out of Arkham to deal with.

An opening flashback takes us to a typical moment of Damian’s hubris. It’s great to see Alfred alive again but the point here is really to emphasise more of the chemistry between father and son which underpins the book’s success. “You are never done learning son” says Bruce. A key piece of dialogue which encapsulated issue #3 perfectly. There’s a lesson to be learned and this time it’s Damian’s.

In the present the action is relentless. Batman and Robin are infiltrating Arkham Tower in an attempt to free White Rabbit before Shush gets to her. Williamson continues to build on the previous two issues, we really are deep in to a serialised story which is something I appreciate. Rather than feeling like individually conceived chapters it feels more like one continuous narrative. This is simply part 3 in a story which really doesn’t want to let go of the reader’s attention. Simone Di Meo hits us with an incredible two pager before we’ve even got to the heart of the story, another classic Batman and Robin pose which deserves to be framed on the wall.

Again Williamson splits the Dynamic Duo for part of the story. Robin goes to rescue Rabbit whilst Batman comes face-to-face with Shush. I hugely appreciate how much Williamson is willing to make the reader work for their exposition. The moment where Batman confronts Shush presents an opportunity to lay all the cards on the table. But instead Williamson toys with the audience, revealing absolutely nothing beyond what Shush wants us to know. This is a villain toying with the reader as much as she is with our heroes and that is a stroke of genius.

From here Batman & Robin #3 moves at breakneck speed. Light in dialogue but heavy in action, Williamson hands the spotlight over to Di Meo who continues to do awards-worthy work. For starters the colours of issue #3 are beautiful. There’s a lot of purples and blues inside Arkham Tower and it’s beguiling to behold. The chase through the tower leads to another car chase on the streets of Gotham and another stunning double-page spread. I can’t name another book which looks like Batman & Robin or that is as captivating.

As the book reaches its conclusion it’s clear that Damian hasn’t learned the lesson of the earlier flashback. No spoilers but Batman & Robin #3 leaves the young hero in a precarious position. Once which seemingly will maintain this relentless pacing which Williamson has instigated. At this stage my only concern is that reading this book is as demanding as the action within it. I’m beginning to feel like the pace needs some nuance so that it doesn’t become tiring.


Batman & Robin #3 is another action-packed issue from the Dynamic Duo of Williamson and Di Meo. Though it’s fast pace is beginning to feel relentless there’s so much to grapple with that the book is truly a joy to read.


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