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Dave reviews the latest issue of BOOM! Studios brilliant HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER, available in comic book stores now.



Hunt for the Skinwalker (BOOM! Studios)

Hunt for The Skinwalker #3 is published by BOOM! Studios, written by Zac Thompson and illustrated by Valeria Burzo.

Issue #3 is available 8th November 2023 either directly from BOOM! Studios online or from your local comic book store. Digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


When a mysterious benefactor offers to buy Skinwalker Ranch, Tom and Ellen can’t agree fast enough. An investigation team is dispatched to carry out the most extensive paranormal investigation to date.

Just when they think the case has gone cold and Tom might be lying another bloody clue reinvigorates their search for the truth.


The next step in the paranormal thriller starts here as Tom and Ellen are mysteriously handed a rather lucrative way out from the ranch and the strange goings on that are ruining their dream and even their lives.

A paranormal scientific institution wants to dig deeper into the anomalies within the ranch and local surroundings, willing to keep Tom on to tend to the animals and also get an insight into the strange events to potentially give them the upper hand against whatever it is they are up against. As the days turn into weeks and months it is becoming less likely that there is anything happening on the ranch and anything that did happen there at all, but as Tom tries to explain this being isn’t normal and must be treated as a prey that they must catch, but a more stealthy approach is definitely needed as the new arrival of the top end technical equipment arrives on the ranch the last thing they want to do is scare this thing away.

As the investigation goes on it seems less and less likely that answers will be found and the look of doubt is thrown Tom’s way but as the scientists leave the strange events begin again proving once and for all something is out there, but the question is what?

I like the pace of this series, it seems to roll along but the story is becoming more and more interesting the further into it we go. Zac Thompson uses his unique writing style that will spilt your mind in two as you begin to question what the plot is, are we looking at a deadly paranormal event or is it something simply manifesting inside the mind ? I really can’t tell, at first I was pretty certain about my opinion on it but now I’m second guessing myself as the story keeps throwing up more evidence that changes your perception.

The simplified style of artwork from Valeria Burzo gives a more realistic feel to the story that makes you relate to the reality of what could happen but also at the same time in parts the art is chillingly dark giving the book that perfect balance overall.


Hunt for the Skinwalker continues to grow, quickly becoming a story that lingers with the reader long after you put the book down. An intriguing paranormal thriller that keeps you questioning throughout. Easily recommended.


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