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RANGER ACADEMY (2023-) #1 Review

Dave reviews the debut of BOOM! Studios’ brand new Power Rangers series, RANGER ACADEMY, available now where all good comic books are sold.



Ranger Academy #1 (BOOM! Studios)

Ranger Academy #1 is published by BOOM! Studios, written by Maria Ingrande Mora, illustrated by Jo Mi-Gyeong and coloured by Fabiana Mascolo.

Issue #1 is available 4th October 2023 either directly from BOOM! Studios online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


13-year-old Sage lives on an isolated lunar colony with her adoptive father, but her days on the farm will change forever when she comes across a wreckage with wounded passengers, people from an academy training to be something called… POWER RANGERS. For the first time, discover the amazing school where Rangers are made!


In this introductory issue we are taken on a journey into a different part of the Power Ranger universe and this time we are given an alternative look at the story of the Power Rangers.

Sage is a an average 13 year old spending most of her days working the farm deep in daydream wishing she was someplace else and definitely doing something else, something that doesn’t involve looking after various from animals, Sage longs for more she longs for a more exciting life that maybe has danger involved.

After living a quite sheltered life thanks to her father that has shielded her from any chance of danger. All this about to change when a ship crash lands on her planet carrying the forbidden “Off Worlders”, Sage has been told many times to stay away from Off Worlders they will bring no good but as they say what he doesn’t know won’t kill him …. right? But these aren’t just any Off Worlders they are in fact Tula and Mathis who are two students from the Ranger Academy, trainee Power Rangers, this simple introduction could well be about to make things a while lot more interesting for Sage.

This introduction to a new Ranger series intrigues me somewhat, being a long time fan of Power Rangers the Rangers have always been chosen from the general population albeit the athletic side of things but the idea of it being taught in a way similar to the X-Men where you have an actual academy where you are taught the ways of the Ranger and the power of the Morphin Grid I find interesting and it gives the Rangers a bit more of a superhero feel to it.

It almost feels a bit like an origin story where writer Maria Ingrande Mora is laying the groundwork and introducing these new characters and building the profile of each to go forward. I’ll be honest I’m interested to see how this story arc will develop especially will the early signs looking strong. The character Sage looks alot of fun and I’m looking forward to see how she develops.

The artwork for this book had a bit of a manga feel to it and I felt it worked giving a stronger depth to the written story, the artwork needed to be bold and that’s what Jo Mi-Gyeong managed to do by partnering up with colourist Fabiana Mascolo the two really made the story pop making the reader feel like they are becoming part of the story.


A promising story with a fresh feel and a different spin on a multiverse we know and love, a welcome addition to the Ranger World.


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