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Dave reviews the debut issue of BOOM! Studios’ brand new series HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER, available now.



Hunt for the Skinwalker (BOOM! Studios)

Hunt for Skinwalker #1 is published by BOOM! Studios, written by Zac Thompson, illustrated by Valeria Burzo, coloured by Jason Wordie and lettered by Joe Sabino.

Issue #1 is available 6th September 2023 either directly from BOOM! Studios online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Unidentified flying objects. Animal mutilation. Terrifying otherworldly cryptids. Countless strange phenomena. For more than 50 years, a remote ranch in the Uinta Basin has been the most significant nexus for the paranormal. Inspired by one family’s confrontation with the unexplainable and terrifying… and what happened when they invited the largest scientific investigation of the paranormal to their ranch.


In this introductory issue we are introduced to a family who move to a remote ranch to begin a wholesome life on the range, tending to the fields and keeping the livestock, sounds almost perfect right? Except this ranch in the Uinta Basin has been the focus of paranormal activity for decades making this country living anything but serene. Things begin to turn chilling as various discoveries are made, tools going missing, machinery and fences being moved to the more frightening animals behaving different.

Husband and wife team of Tom and Ellen Gorman quickly find out that ranch living wasn’t what they thought as supernatural goings on begin to haunt the two making them second guess their own sanity, all the incidents come to a chilling head one fateful night as a hovering bright light appears over head, immediately questions are being asked, is this an invasion? You have a sneaking suspicion that the inter planetary visitors aren’t here for a cup of sugar, this is going to get dark very quickly.

A new series from one of my favourite publishing houses, BOOM! Studios always fills me with anticipation as the creative teams under their umbrella always bring out the big guns. This new series, Hunt for Skinwalker is again looking like another great series , straight away hitting you with chilling intensity of the unknown landing in your serene life turning it completely upside down. This new series also serves as an introduction to the writer Zac Thompson, who I haven’t seen work from previously but I will say aan impressive introduction as the writing grabbed me straight away reading the whole book in one sitting. You feel the chilling intensity grow as the pages pass, it’s the eerie unknown that makes the hairs on your neck stand up as you await the dramatic unveiling. This issue builds the story for what is coming and it does it perfectly leaving you on a cliff hanger just awaiting the next issue (GIVE IT ME NOW, PLEASE), leaving you with the “I need to know” thought and many questions to answer for the next issue.

The illustrations for this issue are what I would call a more classic comic style with the art having an almost retro feel to it which looks great by the way, with the sombre and dark feeling coming through each page giving you chills throughout. Valeria Burzo illustrates the book bringing her unique style to this dark story leaving the reader with eyes wide and hairs standing on the back of the neck, the dark colours by Jason Wordie complement the art perfectly and bring to life this mysterious story, both artist combining to great effect creating a dramatic book that elevates the story.


Consider me suitably chilled. Whilst Hunt for the Skinwalker #1 isn’t the full production, it does incredibly in laying the groundwork for what is to come. I need to find out the intentions of these visitors, the waiting is killing me!!!!


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