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Dave reviews the debut issue of Titan Comics’ brand new series, DOCTOR WHO: DOOMS DAY. Issue #1 is available now where all good comics are sold.



Doctor Who: Doomsday #1 (Titan Comics)

Doctor Who: Dooms Day #1 is published by Titan Comics, written by Jody Houser and illustrated by Roberta Ingranata.

Issue #1 is available now from either Titan Comics online directly or from your local comic book store, digital copies are available to download from the usual content providers.


24 hours to live. 24 hours to kill. DOOM!

This lonely assassin from the 51st Century is hunting for her survival, and there’s only one person who can save her: the Doctor. Using her vortex manipulator, she’ll do anything to find the tempestuous time traveler, including cavorting with the maleficent Missy. Every hour a new adventure, every hour closer to death…


In this first issue we are transported to a world teetering on the verge of destruction, the Doctor must save a time hopping assassin, that in itself may well sound straight forward but trying to convince the assassin that she is there to help could well prove the harder part of the process, but the Doctor must try as the future of the world depends on what happens. In this time travelling journey time is definitely of the essence.

I enjoy the stories of Doctor Who in it’s many different incarnations and this new Doomsday arc looks set to be another nail biting adventure. Jody Houser provides the writing for this story arc and shows how a stor should be told, the foundations have been laid for a strong story to build upon, the end of the world is upon us and the Doctor is the one to save us.

The book goes with a traditional comic art style that gives the story an authentic feel, Roberta Ingranata shows off her artistic talents adding depth to the story taking the readers on a visual journey within the story boards.

As far as the story arc goes so far I feel that this book is a bit of a slow burner but does the job of laying the foundations of the story and I am looking forward to see how this story evolves.


A foundation laying first issue that builds the anticipation for what is to come, a slow burner that is well worth a read.



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