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KING SPAWN #25 Review

Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ KING SPAWN, available now in print and on digital where all good comic books are sold.



King Spawn #1 (Image Comics)

King Spawn #25 is published by Image Comics, written by Sean Lewis and illustrated by Javi Fernandez.

Issue #25 is available 23rd August 2023 either directly from Image Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers


Spawn is back on the streets and on the hunt for a creature that is terrorizing the homeless population of New York City.


In this issue Clown pitches his cause to Spawn and you have to give Clown credit it sounds a plausible plan, how they need to combine forces and take down Cogliostro before he sits on Hell’s throne and wipes out the entire universe as we know it. But there is one little piece of information that Clown is forgetting, Spawn has no interest whatsoever in forming an alliance with the being that killed his beloved Wanda whether it’s for the greater good or not, why should he help the being that killed his true love achieve his goal and give him the throne as convincing as Clown is coming across there’s very little chance that anyone is going to trust him especially not Spawn and although turning his back on Clown may well make things impossibly difficult for him in the near future it’s a risk that Spawn is willing to take.

I just can’t fault this series, Spawn has been one of my favourite comic characters since I can remember and thanks to Sean Lewis that love has become close to an obsession. The on going battle between Clown and Spawn has got to be one of the best rivalries in comics, the pure hatred for each other makes for an intense on going battle that keeps the reader enthralled in the series. It keeps you guessing as when you think one is out for the count up they get and we’re off once again. The lead up to the inevitable meeting between Spawn and Cogliostro is an event I am dieing to witness and I am so pleased that Sean is writing this series, he takes the story and elevates it to epic levels.

The illustrations again are handled by the phenomenal talents of Javi Fernandez, again running with that bold dramatic artwork that we expect from a Spawn title but shaking it up and injecting a rawness that seems to elevate the art and bring it alive, you feel the hurt from Spawn just oozing out the page.

There is no doubting that the team behind the current Spawn titles are the best in the business and this story arc definitely shows off their combined talents in the best possible way.


As if there was any doubt, an almost guaranteed 5⭐ production with every issue. If the big streaming services are looking for the next big production then they definitely need to be looking at the Spawn universe.


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