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When the Jedi Order falls, an Inquisitor Rises…



Star Wars

Delilah S. Dawson, the author of the New York Times bestseller Star Wars: PhasmaHit, and Servants of the Storm, is gearing up for her next adventure to a galaxy far, far away. Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade will arrive in stores on July 18th with a stunning hardback edition. No one ever needs to sell us a Star Wars book because we’re already on board. We absolutely adore a story exploring the Dark Side of the Force, but it’s very rare that we get to follow the career of an Inquisitor. We’re in for a treat, that’s for sure.

Padawan Iskat Akaris has dedicated her life to traveling the galaxy alongside her master, learning the ways of the Force to become a good Jedi. Despite Iskat’s dedication, peace and control have remained elusive, and with each setback, she feels her fellow Jedi grow more distrustful of her. Already uncertain about her future in the Jedi Order, Iskat faces tragedy when her master is killed and the Clone Wars engulf the galaxy in chaos.

Now a general on the front lines contributing to that chaos, she is often reminded: Trust in your training. Trust in the wisdom of the Council. Trust in the Force. Yet as the shadows of doubt take hold, Iskat begins to ask questions that no Jedi is supposed to ask: Questions about her own unknown past. Questions the Jedi Masters would consider dangerous.

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As the years pass and the war endures, Iskat’s faith in the Jedi wanes. If they would grant her more freedom, she is certain she could do more to protect the galaxy. If they would trust her with more knowledge, she could finally cast aside the shadows that have begun to consume her. When the Jedi Order finally falls, Iskat seizes the chance to forge a path of her own. She embraces the salvation of Order 66.

As an Inquisitor, Iskat finds the freedom she has always craved: to question, to want. And with each strike of her red blade, Iskat moves closer to claiming her new destiny in the Force-whatever the cost.

Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade is available to preorder right now from Waterstones, Forbidden Planet, Penguin Books and other retailers. An audibook, narrated by Kristen Sieh, will also be availble from July 18th via Audible. So preorder your copy now and prepare to witness the rise of Iskat Akaris.

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