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Dave reviews Saber Interactive’s WORLD WAR Z: AFTERMATH, available now on PS4/5, Xbox Series X/S/One and PC.



World War Z (Focus Entertainment)

World War Z: Aftermath is developed and published by Saber Interactive. The game is available now on PS5/4, Xbox Series X/S and One and PC. Reviewed on PS5, a code was very kindly supplied for the purpose of this review.


Powered by Saber’s dynamic Swarm Engine, Aftermath is the definitive World War Z release with all content from World War Z: Game of the Year Edition and two story campaign episodes. With full cross-play between PC and consoles, experience the heart-pounding immersion of Aftermath’s optional first-person mode, decimate the undead with a new melee system, and level eight unique classes with distinct play styles and customizable loadouts.


For the many millions that enjoyed the original base gameWorld War Z rejoice as Aftermath brings you more of the same but with more technical polish and a few other additions such as a new class, first person mode and a new enemy type that can be found within the two additional missions.

For those that haven’t played the game you’re in for a treat, following a similar gameplay system to Left 4 Dead and the recently released Back 4 Blood you and your team go up against hordes of the undead using your team to gain the best advantages possible to achieve the goals laud out before you. In the main sense there’s very little difference between the main game and Aftermath with the latter more like a Deluxe Edition giving you a bit more bang for your buck and it’s certainly a great introduction to the game if you haven’t picked it up yet.

In terms of gameplay I think this is one of the better zombie shooters out there with the game letting you play alone with AI, which incidentally are actually quite intelligent, or the better way which is with friends online using communication to the fullest to survive the horde.

Having played a few hours into the game the locations themselves are stunning, even though the game isn’t officially running at next gen pace it still runs on the PS5 (via backwards compatibility) at a smooth 4k 60fps making the game world look the best they can in locations such as Russia (my personal favourite) and New York as you move about the worlds with your chosen character, visually it is very satisfying to see zombie’s heads explode before your eyes as you pull off the sweet head shots along with an equally sounding splat.


Overall I feel World War Z: Aftermath, as a whole is one of the best zombie shooters out there. Does it warrant paying the extra if you already have the game? Probably not unless you wanted all the additional content but still a title well worth the praise in the whole sense. If you haven’t picked it up yet then you seriously need to you don’t need to have watched or liked the film to get into the game.


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