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Dave reviews DC vs VAMPIRES: HUNTERS, a brand new one-shot from DC Comics available now where all good comics are sold.



DC vs Vampires: Hunters #1 (DC Comics)

DC vs Vampires-Hunters #1 is published by DC Comics, written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Neil Googe.

Issue #1 is available 24th May 2022 either directly from DC Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


A blood-soaked one-shot tale of vampire violence! The Son of Batman, after years of training to be an assassin, is on a path toward utter destruction of the vampire race…Enter Damian Wayne: vampire hunter!


In this issue we have a DC story in a completely different way, we mostly all know about the Robin story by now but this one shot takes that story and gives it a blood soaked twist. A story of dark vampires taking over Gotham, Robin is on a mission to rid the world of this dark threat but is on a path of self destruction that could potentially end up causing far more damage than the vampire threat could do. The head of the vampires may be closer to Robin than he thinks, this story is about to get personal.

Matthew Rosenberg does a great job in creating an alternative story for such an iconic character but as Robin as a character is a live wire it feels more of a genuine tale so in turn makes an enjoyable read.

The illustrations from Neil Googe and his artistic team make the story of vampire Robin far more darker than we could ever imagined, now baring in mind that most stories from DC are pretty dark anyway but this book seems to ramp up the darkness, but it never feels like a cheap shot and feels authentic throughout with deep tones and eye catchingly bold colours both creating and masterpiece of a comic.


A dark story but an interesting twist on a popular and iconic character, the book feels authentic to DC throughout but giving it a unique twist.



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