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Michelle Williams Keen To Return For VENOM 3

Could Anne be back for Venom 3?



Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Sony Pictures)

The success of Sony’s Venom films is an interesting one. While they may not be the most well received movies, audiences around the world still flocked to see the Lethal Protector in action. Now, Venom 3 was seemingly confirmed during Sony’s panel at CinemaCon but nothing has been said about Venom’s return to the big screen. Of course, before No Way Home it was believed that Eddie Brock would face off against Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, but Sony appears to have other plans for the Symbiote anti-hero.

While there aren’t any concrete plans as of yet, Michelle Williams, who plays Brock’s ex Anne Weyinh, has said that she is very eager to return to the Marvel universe. In a discussion with Variety, Williams not only discussed her desire to work on a The Greatest Showman sequel, but also her hopes to be reunited with Venom.

“I have every intention of continuing with the series,” Williams said. “I certainly hope they bring me back.”.

Michelle Williams as Anne Weying
Venom (Sony Pictures)

Ignoring the overall reception of Let There Be Carnage, it is always great to see the stars express genuine joy about their projects. Not only does Williams seem to enjoy her role as Anne, but these superhero films also present some challenges that other films don’t have. Not every film requires you to pretend that you’ve been possessed by a sentient and often quirky alien symbiote…

“Pretending that a monster is getting into your body and then taking over and leaving your body, that’s hard.” She’s definitely not wrong, but at least it’s something she can share with co-star Tom Hardy.

“The stuff Tom does is really challenging,” adds Michelle. “They’re big movies and he’s climbing a lot of mountains in them.”

Would you like to see Michelle Williams back in Venom 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. With Carnage out of the picture, who could be next to challenge Eddie and Venom in their quest for chocolate and justice?


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