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Neil’s top SUPERGIRL season 4 moments



Supergirl (The CW)

Over the last 4 years Supergirl has given the Girl of Steel a whole new life in live-action. The series has dived deep on DC Comics lore and brought to life plenty of characters we never thought we would see in live action.

Today we’re celebrating today’s release of Supergirl season 4 on Blu-ray™ & DVD by taking a look at Neil’s top 4 Supergirl season 4 moments!

4. Crossing over…

Episode 4×09: “Elseworlds Part 3”

Over the course of four seasons, Kara has had plenty of changes to crossover with the rest of the Arrowverse heroes. During season 4 we get to see Kara involved in one of the most intense, world building crossover events ever in the history of DCTV.

When The Monitor gifts an all powerful, universe-altering book to scientist John Deegan (guest star Jeremy Davies) everything begins to get a little weird for our heroes.

The ensuing team up brings the 90s TV Flash (John Wesley Shipp) back in to the fold and sets up the events of this year’s huge Crisis On Infinite Earths event which is set to change the course of the Arrowverse forever.

3. The other House of L…

Episode 4×16: “The House of L”

Having already brought Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) in to the ranks of the show, Supergirl went one further in season 4 and introduced his arch nemesis, Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer)

“The House Of L” starts out three years in the past, as Lex was put on trial for mass murder but before going to prison he is visited by Eve who is hired by Lex to go undercover to spy on James.

Nine months ago, the Kaznians found a stray, amnesiac copy of Supergirl, who was created from Harun-El, and informed Lex about this four months later. Since then, the Kaznians have been training the Supergirl copy while Lex raised and manipulated her for his own uses, teaching her a biased history about her rival, the original Supergirl.

The episode tells a twisty tale which proves that Lex has been behind most of the events of season 4 to-date. It proves that the show is able to tell some complex storytelling without writing itself into difficult corners.

Where Lex Luthor is concerned, nobody is trust worthy!

2. World’s Finest

Episode Arrow 7×09: “Elseworlds Part 2”

We’re taking a cheat on this one, it technically happens during Supergirl season 4 although it happens in an episode of Arrow. During the “Elseworlds” crossover event the gang head to Gotham City where they meet Kate Kane/Batwoman (Ruby Rose).

Scenes between the two allow the Arrowverse producers to recreate another iconic moment from the world of DC Comics but with a new, feminist twist.

Dubbed The World’s Finest in the comics the pairing would normally feature Batman and Superman. But to see the two swapped for their female counterparts is endearing and empowering to a whole audience of fans who can’t wait to see the two meet up again in the future.

1. Respecting the legacy…

Episode 4×22: “The Quest for Peace”

The season four finale of Supergirl brought the season full circle and brought the hammer of justice down on Lex Luthor for one final (?) time.

In a series which was extremely heavy on political context the finale was able to tie up all the loose ends and bring a sense of hope back to a series which was beginning to feel hopeless.

The excellent storytelling of season four is punctuated by a hell of a lot of action and some twists which none of us saw coming. As Supergirl and the Red Daughter take on Lex Luthor – in his trademark suit – for a final battle on the world’s stage.

It’s the number one moment in Supergirl season four that is not to be missed!

Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist, David Harewood, Mehcad Brooks, Katie McGrath, Jesse Rath, Nicole Maines and Chyler Leigh. The series airs on The CW in North America, Sundays at 8/7c.

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