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Zack Snyder confirms who wore the Robin costume seen in BATMAN V SUPERMAN



Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Director Zack Snyder has been sharing information via her Vero account again.

He has become quite the prolific poster on the social media platform. Using it to often interact with fans and stoke the fires of various fan theories regarding his DC Comics movies.

In this latest revelation a fan asked him about the Robin costume seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Following the release of a VFX reel which contains new footage of Ben Affleck as Batman in Suicide Squad a fan share a shot of the footage with Snyder.

In the video below you can clearly see Affleck, speaking with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn saying ‘Joker took something important away from me. It’s my turn.’ a scene which did not appear in the movie but is in its novelisation.

Posting the moment on Vero the fan asked Snyder if this was in relation to Jason Todd. Todd was the second Robin and killed by Joker in one of the most famous moments in Batman history.

It was Snyder’s response which shocked many fans.

In response to the question of ‘Jason?’ Snyder simply replied ‘Richard’.

Following the revelation that the costume belonged to Dick Grayson another fan asked Snyder if there was a plan to bring back Dick following Flashpoint.

Snyder confirmed there were no plans for Dick Grayson to appearing the present day. He is long dead at the hands of Joker and there would be no Robin until Carrie Kelly would appear somewhere down the line.

How do you feel about this latest revelation from the Snyder era of DC Films?

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