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‘Snow: The Dawn’ #3 review



Snow: The Dawn #3 art by Harry Hughes

Snow: The Dawn #3 is written by Nick Goode with art by Harry Hughes.  You can pickup your copy of Snow: The Dawn #3 at Comixology now.


The year is 2079, a series of terrorist bombings have rattled what remains of England after the effects of global warming took the world by surprise in 2020. The people have lost faith in the government despite their efforts to aid the country’s reform. Isolated and alone, London has split into boroughs, each borough governed by a councilman who reports to Parliament. In the fifth borough, Islington. James Snow, a political researcher, is in the midst of it all. Events begin to unfold that will change his way of life forever…


Coming off the back of their hugely successful anthology book The Eventide it was time to get back to the main story of the Snow: The Dawn universe. After two equally successful issues which have introduced readers to the world of London 2079 this third issue really kicks the narrative up in to a higher gear.

Throughout all of their releases writer Nick Goode has displayed an ability to create very real characters whilst simultaneously setting them in a very hyper-realist world. With this third issue he pushes this type of storytelling even further. This is very much a tense issue to read.

Starting out with James and Sarah agonising over the holotape there’s a sense of urgency which never lets up. Their disagreement over contacting the authorities adds some good character drama and helps push the narrative towards its exciting conclusion. This issue definitely belongs to James Snow. Throughout the issue we see his actions escalate. We already know that there’s more than meets the eye to him following events in the previous issues. We also know the series is building towards some kind of heroic (or perhaps anti-heroic) role for the character. This issue finally sees him take some major steps towards accepting that role. The way his character is written here is very edge-of-your-seat stuff. It all feels very cinematic.

As the action ramps up so does the books pace. There’s a real consistency to the pacing of this series which helps to keep it a compelling read. That is in no small part also due to the artwork of Harry Hughes. I’ve complimented him before for the decision to leave Snow: The Dawn devoid of colour and I stand by those compliments.

His grasp on the aesthetic of the series if perfect. From the first page there’s no doubt that we are in a murky noir-esque world. His mix of light and shadow is often quite playful and always pleasing to the eye. Fine details is also one of his strongpoints as there is never a panel which feels devoid of life.


Snow: The Dawn #3 is an intriguing third chapter to this compelling story. High on complex storytelling as well as character and emotion. A genuine must read for fans of well written thrillers with a sci-fi twist.


Snow: The Dawn #3 cover by Harry Hughes

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