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Parabolic Theatre Announces Immersive Sci-Fi Adventure BRIDGE COMMAND

Parabolic Theatre has announced a brand new gaming theatre experience, BRIDGE COMMAND, which will be launching in 2024.



Bridge Command (Parabolic Theatre)

UK-based interactive experiences company Parabolic Theatre has announced a brand new gaming theatre experience called Bridge Command. The experience, which puts gamers in charge of their own spaceship, will launch in 2024 but is offering fans a taster of what to expect at this weekend’s MCM Comic Con event.

Watch a teaser for the experience in the tweet below:

Fusing the latest gaming technology with live theatre, Bridge Command, developed by leading interactive theatre company Parabolic, will challenge the public to become the Bridge crew of a fully functioning starship where they must work together to defend humanity from disaster when the experience opens its doors next year.

Participants will co-operatively fly a spaceship through a series of thrilling missions within a sci-fi story full of mystery and intrigue. The spectacular, custom-built, spaceship set will be fully integrated with bridge simulation software, meaning that whatever takes place in the simulation, from an enemy attack to a ship malfunction, will directly impact the physical set causing systems to break and sparks to fly. Audiences will be fully immersed in the physical environment without the need for a VR headset or other wearable technology.

Crew members will take on different roles and complete a variety of tasks including diplomatic negotiations with the characters they meet along the way and fixing and maintaining the ship. The experience’s episodic format means participants have the chance to become the stars of their own ongoing sci-fi show where events and decisions from previous missions will be remembered and influence the content of return visits. Stand-alone visits are also welcome in this immersive interactive adventure.

Fans who can’t wait until the experience opens in 2024 to test themselves will find a taster of what to expect at the Bridge Command stand at this weekend’s Comic Con at London’s Excel Centre. Visitors to the stand will be able to play a short demo of the bridge simulation game that powers the experience.

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