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Neil reviews the latest issue of DC Comics’ BATMAN BEYOND: NEO GOTHIC, available now where all good comic books are sold.



Batman Beyond: Neo Gothic (DC Comics)

Batman Beyond: Neo Gothic #3 is written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing. Artwork is by Max Dunbar, colours by Sebastian Cheng and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. The main cover art (left) is by Dunbar and Cheng. The book is published by DC Comics.

Batman Beyond: Neo Gothic #3 is available now, in print and on digital platforms where all good comic books are sold.


In the darkness beyond, a looming threat waits. Behold: the Court of Owls! But who do they seek and why? After escaping the wrath of Killer Croc, Batman comes face-to-beak with the most terrifying Court to ever exist. But in order to get the answers he seeks, he must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Can Batman act against his mission to protect? All this, and the truth behind the magic is revealed.


“Gotham is dying.”

A rather ominous message for the first page of this month’s issue of Batman Beyond: Neo Gothic. But that’s just what’s happening both above and below ground in the latest chapter of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing’s latest story. But the problem with digger deeper is that the further down you go, the more you uncover.

We’ve already seen Terry taking on Killer Croc in the sewers under Neo Gotham. But now he’s travelled further in to the city under the city and found the oldest cabal in Gotham. The Court of Owls. I never thought I would see Terry going up against the Owls. But with Kelly and Lazing using Neo Gothic to illustrate Terry learning to go it alone without Bruce, what better way to have the younger Batman struggle with that loss. Bruce was the expert in the Court of Owls. Without him Terry will have no choice but function alone, without support.

It’s a bold move to bring in the Court. Scott Snyder’s take on Batman, which introduced the idea of the Court of Owls, is the stuff of legend. In the decade since their introduction the shadowy group has appeared in TV series, video games and certainly made their presence felt. But little has come to close to the incredible psychological construct which Snyder produced. But what Kelly and Lanzing have done here doesn’t feel like stunt casting. The group represents a genuine threat to Gotham and to Batman. It ties in to plot elements that were set back in issue #1 and, as I said, also ties in to Terry’s overarching journey.

There’s a lot going on in Neo Gothic. It’s a complex narrative with events above and below ground furthering the story. Not to mention wrapping our heads around the Court now infused with the mysterious Garden that exists under the city. But Kelly and Lanzing write the book with an irresistible pacing which somehow makes the whole thing easier to digest.

This month we also learn the truth behind Kyle’s ability to wield magic. Kyle has become a great sidekick for Terry in the Neo Gothic story. The reluctant partnership is really cemented this month when the Court puts Kyle in immediate danger. Seeing Terry’s reaction really ups the emotional ante and leads us in to a very intriguing conclusion…


Batman Beyond: Neo Gothic continues to dig deep in to the murky world underneath Gotham City. Kelly and Lanzing pull out the big guns this month, pitting Terry against the Court of Owls. It keeps the spectre of Bruce alive in a series which is really focussing on the young Batman stepping out from the shadow of his former mentor.


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