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Dave reviews the latest issue of DC Comics’ BLUE BEETLE: GRADUATION DAY, available now where all good comics books are sold.



Blue Beetle: Graduation Day (DC Comics)

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #3 is published by DC Comics, written by Josh Trujillo and illustrated by Adrian Gutierrez.

Issue #3 is available 24th January 2023, either directly from DC Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Starfire arrives in Palmera City to give Jaime important information regarding the Reach! But can the Tamaranean warrior help Blue Beetle when another new beetle appears, ready to fight? The Green Beetle strikes!


In this issue the battle of the ancient scarabs heats up as the Green Beetle is on the hunt for Blue Beetle and although Jaime has been warned to lay low by Superman and Batman it’s hard for him to just turn away, Starfire has vowed to look after him as she believes he does have what it takes to take on the Blue Beetle mantra and be the protector the planet is looking for, Jaime has a decision to make does he do as he’s told by his elders? or does he follow what he believes is right? A new threat is waiting to strike, the people of Palmera City needs a hero and they need it now.

As a series I found this one pretty easy to slip into, the writing from Josh Trujillo is easy to follow and although is quite fast paced still runs smooth enough to allow the story to flow, the content is fun and the action comes in spades each issue so far has been a straight read through without breaking, once you pick them up it’s hard to put down.

The illustrations of the book are punchy and vibrant. Adrian Gutierrez perfectly illustrates the Blue Beetle story with the right amount of visual emotion, capturing the youthful elegance and vibrant flavour of the story and illuminating the words on the pages. The story is well written but the illustrations take this book to another level.

The cover of this issue in particular is one of my favourites, Adrian Gutierrez and Wil Quintara combine to provide a cover that immediately catches your eyes, a bold Blue Beetle as a centre piece and Starfire with her beautiful flowing fiery locks behind on one side with the ominous vision of the Green Beetle on the other.


A series that I look forward to each issue, a fun action packed journey that is growing with each issue. You have a feeling that a big event is looming and I can’t wait to see what is coming.


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