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Dave reviews the first issue of BOOM! Studios THE NEW DAY: POWER OF POSITIVITY calling it “a great feel good story.”



WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity #1 (BOOM! Studios)

The New Day: Power of Positivity #2 is published by BOOM! Studios, written by Evan Narcisse and Austin Walker and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss.

Issue #2 of 2 is available now directly from Boom! Studios or from your local comic book shops. Digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


The New Day are finally a team… but something is missing!

Discover how the New Day came out of the shadows and into a beautiful moment of high-flying, hip-gyrating, trombone-playing chaos to find strength in the power of authenticity.

Will they be able to stay true when The Shield challenge them to an all-out epic Philadelphia Flapjack Match?


Now being a big wrestling fan I really enjoyed #1 of The New Day detailing their rise to stardom in comic form, all the cameo appearances from different wrestlers was a great touch and only added to the realism, leading me onto the much anticipated second and last installment of the series.

Bringing the unique The New Day positivity to the comic pages Narcisse and Walker have done a great job in detailing the rise of one of the most iconic tag teams in the industry, but at the same time it is very light hearted throughout and doesn’t feel like you are reading a a life story albeit a watered down version of it.

Building up the rivalry between The New Day and The Shield was a great idea as it brought so much to the comic, with The Shield being one of my favourite teams I really enjoyed reading about the bitter feud that was building up, it was also good to see the creative struggles The New Day went through to find their true image of who they wanted to be.

The illustrations from Bayliss certainly add to the positivity vibe with bold tones and colours used throughout to highlight the bold illustration style.


As a wrestling fan I really enjoyed both of the comics, a bit far fetched in parts but overall a great feel good story, well worth checking out if you’re into wrestling.

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