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SUPERMAN & LOIS 1×09 “Loyal Subjekts” Review

“With only a handful of episodes left, Superman and Lois might end with an almost flawless season” says Matt in his review of SUPERMAN & LOIS 1×09.



Superman & Lois (Warner Bros. TV/The CW)

Superman & Lois stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch who return as the titular characters. They will, in turn, be joined by Emmanuelle Chriqui as Clark’s ex-girlfriend, Lana Lang, Erik Valdez as Lana’s husband, Kyle Cushing. Dylan Walsh will portray Lois’ father, General Sam Lane. Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin also co-star in the series as Superman and Lois’ sons, Jonathan and Jordan Kent.


Lois, Chrissy and Clark team up to piece together the significance of Smallville to Morgan Edge.


The entire Superfam found themselves thrown into the fight this week as Morgan Edge’s plans were brought to the limelight thanks to the strong investigative team Lois has made including her husband, Chrissy and Lana.  With the mystery of ‘Captain Luthor’ ticked off they can solely focus on Edge’s plan.
After last week’s reveal with the soldier who tried to kill Superman, they have found that Edge has been putting Kryptonian consciousness into the bodies of Smallville residents, thanks to Clarks original arrival to Smallville as a baby, the residents have had prolonged exposure to Kryptonite thus making them more suitable hosts for the Kryptonian minds. 

Before we can really get stuck into that revelation however Clark hears a bank robbery in progress and zips across to Mexico to save the day.  This is where we find that the Synthetic Kryptonian Gas he was exposed to the episode prior is still affecting him and although he is still very much ‘Super’ he appears to still be bruised by bullets and left in a semi weakened state.

Elsewhere in the Kent family, the brothers are struggling with their respective love lives.  Jonathan goes out of his way to ask out the girl who was nice to him when his arm was in a cast but is shot down and Jordan is getting closer with Sarah before he starts to develop his father’s freeze breath and runs away to call his Dad for help.

Back at the Kent farm the family come to the conclusion that the Kryptonite Gas has also affected Jordan albeit worse off than Clark and sadly will have to stay home until they can fix it, thus letting Sarah down at the talent contest.

General Lane is called in to help but when Jordan’s breathing gets shallow Clark flies him off to the Fortress of Solitude to find a cure. This is where Jordan is put through a painful procedure to burn the Kryptonite out of his body while Clark can do nothing but hold his hand.  I can’t imagine being as powerful as Superman but feeling so helpless to take the pain away from his son.

Lois and Jonathan both separately call out General Lane on his methods (quite rightfully so too) and this is something I love about these two characters.  As it was brought up last week, they are two humans in the company of two gods but regardless of that they stand tall and strong with their family.
Things get cranked up to 11 though when Edge activates some of his sleeper Kryptonians to kill Lois and her family resulting in an epic battle on the Kent farm.

Lucky for Lois and Jonathan however General Lane is also there and the dude is packing anti Kryptonian tech and holds his own against the two Kryptonians (ironically using the same gas that affected his family) before he is knocked out but Jonathan has an ace up his sleeve and runs to the barn with Lois.
They are met by Kyle who followed the two Smallville Kryptonians to the Kent far and before we have time to process how he followed them and how he got there at the same time Jonathan blasts both foes away using stolen guns from Steels RV collection.  Kyle then reveals he too has been taken over by a Kryptonian and goes to kill the pair of them before a healed Clark and Jordan dive in to send Kyle flying into the fields. 

We’re entering the last third of this season now and Edge has made his move.  He has shown he is no longer playing Lois’ games and General Lane and the DEA move into Smallville. 
Before we can take a breath however, Clark hears Edge and flies off to confront him only for the show to completely blindside us with a new plot twist!  Morgan Edge is Kryptonian! Suited and booted in Kryptonian clothes and able to slap a still weakened Superman to the side.

This show has once again blown me away with showing the wider picture of the season.  Edge continues to be a formidable foe and this new twist makes him more of a threat than Lois originally anticipated.  Just how many Kryptonians have been brought back and is Edge truly Clark’s brother?

I loved seeing the entire family hold their own against an attack on them.  Hopefully by the season’s end we’ll see Jordan go full Superboy and fight side by side with his Dad while Jonathan and Lois back up with their weapon stash. General Lane also got a minor redemption after being given truth bombs from Lois and Jonathan.  He is a flawed character who tries to do what he thinks is best but has clearly strayed far beyond that good intentioned path.


With only a handful of episodes left, Superman and Lois might end with an almost flawless season! 

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