November 26, 2020

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Daredevil (Marvel Comics)

DAREDEVIL #9 (2019) review

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There’s a new DAREDEVIL in town, and Matt Murdock has no idea who it is! Neither does Cole North, the tough-as-nails detective who’s been hot on the Guardian Devil’s trail for weeks. Can Matt Murdock truly live a life without Daredevil? Can Cole?


I can’t hide the fact I was pretty critical about the last issue of Daredevil. It felt like a really contrived story which existed purely to push Matt back towards becoming Daredevil again.

Needless exposition meant that by the end of the issue Matt understood there were copycats out there and that left him questioning his decision not to be Daredevil anymore.

Thankfully where we pickup the story in issue #9 he’s seeking advice about what to do and Chip Zdarsky is asking some much bigger questions about the Man Without Fear and everything he has ever known.

This issue is essentially a string of conversations between Matt and those around him. Starting with Reed Richards the two discuss Matt’s religion. It was quite a shocking moment for me personally as I’ve never read Matt having a crisis of faith before.

I’m not a religious person but Matt have lived by the rules of his religion for as long as the character has existed. Just when I thought Zdarsky had deconstructed the character as far as he possibly could he is now looking at the fundamentals of the character and seeing what else Matt can change.

It’s an interesting conversation which pits the spiritual against the scientific. Reed is the perfect person for Matt to have this conversation with and despite it being a very sedentary scene it’s still a powerful and impactful one.

Of course Mindy is still floating around Matt. She seeks him out to apologise for the events of issue #8 and to ask for forgiveness. The closing pages of this issue sees the two having a rather… rampant moment in her bookstore. Something which any reader could see coming from miles away but both characters are at a low and seeking comfort in each others arms.

Though we’re still manipulating the story in order to push Matt back towards the path of Daredevil this issues present it in a much more philosophical way than issue #8.


A definitely improvement over the last issue, Daredevil is suffering from taking its foot off the gas and allowing Matt to revel in living a normal life. This issues poses some huge, life changing questions for Matt which are putting the story on the path to something more exciting.


Daredevil #9 is written by Chip Zdarsky with pencils by Lalit Kumar Sharma, inks by Jay Leisten and colours by Java Tartaglia. Cover art is by Chip Zdarsky.

Daredevil #9 cover art by Chip Zdarsky

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