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DC Comics announces 2019 animated slate



Batman Hush

Last night we sat down to watch the outstanding The Death of Superman animated movie.

Following the screening selected members of the cast and crew joined the crowd in Ballroom 20 to discuss the movie.

Towards the end of that panel we were teased that DC Comics would be announcing its slate of animated movies for 2019. Sure enough just as things were drawing to a close it was announced that DC will be releasing FOUR animated movies next year.

The company normally releases three but given the current success the franchise is seeing we’ll be getting a bonus movie.

First up will be Reign of the Supermen the direct sequel to The Death of Superman. That film will drop in early 2019.

That will be followed by Justice League vs. The Furious Five. That team Tharok, Emerald Empress, Validus, Mano and the Persuader. They debuted in 1967 and are best known for their interactions with the Legion of Super-Heroes. The film will feature an original story.

Next up is an adaption of Batman: Hush! Yes the legendary story by Jeph Loeb is coming to the small screen and will premiere at San Diego Comic Con 2019.

Finally our bonus movie will be called Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. Another original storyline. The team were tight lipped about that that movie might entail.

Are you excited for another big year in the DC Animated Universe?

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