Filming has begun on sequel/reboot to ‘Wrong Turn’

Now here’s some news that makes me happy, as it seems like the folks at Constantin Film have plans for a new entry in the Wrong Turn franchise.

Local reporter Sheila Vilvens tweeted the following confirming production of the movie today;

Just learned film crews are in the Village of New Richmond through September 13 to film scenes for a Wrong Turn movie series.”

The new movie will apparently follow a cast of characters as they go camping on the Appalachian trail and encounter a group calling themselves “The Foundation”. We do not yet know whether these will be straight up cannibals like the original, or the weird sex cult introduced in number six, but I’m willing to place bets that it’s the former.

Mike P. Nelson of The Domestics will direct the new movie from a script by original writer Alan B. McElroy.

Charlotte Vega of The Lodgers will take the lead role.

As of yet, there’s no word on whether this will be a sequel entry or a reboot of the entire franchise.

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