[BOX OFFICE] ‘IT: Chapter Two’ Sinks But Still Floats On Opening Weekend

In news that surprises absolutely no one, IT: Chapter Two failed to meet it’s predecessor at the box office this weekend.

The Andy Muschietti sequel garnered an estimated $91M this time around, from an absolutely huge 4,570 screens. This represents a reasonable drop of 26% from the first movies opening weekend of $123.4M, while still accounting for 75% of all tickets sales for the Top 10 movies at the box office.

With its cast change, sequelitis, and weaker overall reviews, the odds were always stacked against the second chapter outperforming the original so this will not come as a surprise to most, with WarnerBros even predicting around $80M ahead of the weekend.

Even with doubling the budget this time around to $80M, the movie will still safely make back its investment domestically, and with strong international numbers coming in already, the sequel will continue to be widely profitable for all involved.

The movie will lay claim to the second-best opening weekend for September, as well as the second-biggest debut for a horror movie, both behind the original movie.

Considering the lightning in a bottle release that the first movie received, these numbers are certainly nothing to complain about.

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