“Alan Wake” set for possible return as rights revert back to Remedy

It seems like fans have been hearing rumblings and whispers of a planned Alan Wake sequel for years now, and while those rumours haven’t produced anything as of yet, it seems they may finally have a little cause to be excited.

While nothing has been officially announced, it has been revealed that the rights to the franchise have reverted back to Remedy, the studio who brought us the original game way back in 2010.

Leaning heavily on a Stephen King-esque main character, the first Alan Wake was an Xbox 360 original, and it seems like, with Remedy re-acquiring the rights, we may finally get the character on all platforms.

Some rumors are even going as far as to suggest a possible port of the original game.

I personally had a great time with the game when it was originally released, and wouldn’t turn down the chance to play it on a new console, whether it be a port or a sequel.

Consider me interested.

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