Is Sif returning to the MCU?

Sif Thor: The Dark World
Image via Disney

Remember when Sif just vanished? After appearing in Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and 2 episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the mighty warrior just vanished off the radar. Even with her home in danger, she neglected Asgard during the events of Ragnarok and wasn’t present during the fight against Thanos. So where has she been?

It’s hard to say but it seems as though Sif could resurface soon. Hopefully with answers. The wonderful Jaimie Alexander took to Instagram to answer some fan questions.

You can check out the video right here:

When asked about whether she could really ride a horse whilst wielding a sword, the actress teased:

“Yes. Once upon a time I was able to do that and I might have to do that again in the future, so hopefully, I haven’t lost that gift.”

Unless she has another project coming up could we see Sif riding into battle once more?

To tease the fans even more, when asked about what she is working on right now, Alexander maintained her vague and allusive stance:

“What am I working on right now? I do wish I could tell you, but I would probably cease to exist, don’t you think if I actually told what I have coming up, so I can’t tell you guys, but thanks for asking anyway.”

It certainly sounds like returning to the MCU is plausible especially when you consider that Loki is currently in production. Furthermore, Thor: Love and Thunder is set to start filming this summer. Could we see her make an epic return in both?

While she hasn’t been seen since 2015, it is worth mentioning that the Russo brothers confirmed that she was a victim to ‘The Snap’. So Marvel Studios haven’t forgotten her completely.

Would you like to see Sif return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know in the comments below.

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