We Are Robin #5

'We Are Robin' #5 artwork by Jorge Corona
'We Are Robin' #5 artwork by Jorge Corona
'We Are Robin' #5 cover by Lee Bermejo
‘We Are Robin’ #5 cover by Lee Bermejo
  • Written by Lee Bermejo
  • Pencils & Inks by Jorge Corona
  • Cover by Lee Bermejo

Some of the Robins are ready to return to the streets, but others aren’t putting the “R” back on until they knows who’s pulling the strings behind The Nest. Meanwhile, a new player takes interest in the Robins. Will they all be united or pulled apart forever?

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Coming off the back of its pop art exploration in to the psyche of Riko issue #5 brings ‘We Are Robin’ back the action of it’s opening issues as the gang prepare to return to the streets of Gotham.

The Robins have suffered loss very early in their careers and they’re hurting from that, affected by that loss and working without a Batman figure to train them they’re acting out in their own ways and this issue shows some of the dissent that causes.

Running throughout the series so far has been the mystery surrounding the messages coming from The Nest. Much of this issue is taken up by the Robins discussing who might be running The Nest and their investigations in to who that might be.

The story of ‘We Are Robin’ is continuing to slowly widen but the pace is beginning to feel a little slow. We’re rapidly heading towards Decembers ‘Robin War’ so there remains very little time for readers to invest in the Robins before they are thrust in to the action.

Issue #5 also introduces a new villain in a familiar garb who is clearly going to move the story towards the ‘Robin War’ phase. Clearly a throwback to the Court of the Owls storyline this mysterious villain is pulling the strings in the background and clearly interested in our new gang of heroes.

This is another packed issue which changes the pace of ‘We Are Robin’ once again. In my review of issue #4 I talked about how pacing has become an issue for this series as it struggles to balance small personal moments with the larger action based scenes. With DC Comics agenda to reach the ‘Robin War’ during the characters 75th anniversary year the writers of ‘We Are Robin’ have probably had little choice but to forego some of that character in order to set the status quo for the action.

The ‘Robin War’ crossover will likely throw a brighter spotlight on to the series and I hope that given it’s gritty beginnings it is given a fair chance to play alongside the bigger names in the brand and prove to readers that it’s a worthwhile read.

Moving on from the pop art style of last time issue #5 returns to the inky blues and browns of previous issues reflecting the urban setting. I stand by previous statements that the artwork of ‘We Are Robin’ perfectly first the atmosphere that the book is trying to create. Story issues aside ‘We Are Robin’ can’t be faulted for how it looks.

3 stars



3 stars

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